5 Herbs to Ground You

Let’s face it in this crazy AF world we live in these days we can become pretty scattered. Doesn’t matter if you are trying to balance college courses, job and dating or momdom and peace of mind or menopause and just maintaining your train of thought because hormones have sent your brain on what seems like a permanent vacation. Our minds are out in the world doing a bazillion different things instead of being clear, focused and grounded.

So what happens when we aren’t grounded?

Well our root chakra gets F’d up (that’s a technical term). Our root chakra becomes imbalanced and sometimes blocked, which can cause adrenal fatigue, urinary tract infections, lower back pain and did I mention adrenal fatigue??? All that running around like a chicken with its head cut off can be so exhausting!

So what helps?

Energy work, crystals, kundalini yoga and herbs. Particularly the Grounding Herb Pack (*choir of angels sing). This is a set of my Top 5 Grounding Herbs-to make simple teas, mojo bags, or candle spells from, or whatever else your brilliant mind can think of!

1) Cayenne
The bright red color of this herbs aligns with the root chakra and the energy definitely helps stimulate a slow chakra. Magickally, use it for protection and strength. It also acts as a booster for other herbs being used. A must have for your herb cabinet.

2) Dandelion
This “weed” is perfect for cleansing your kidneys and is found to be highly beneficial for properly working adrenals. It is a must have for getting you aligned and grounded. Making a simple tisane (herbal tea) is the best way to go. If you do you will want to steep your tea for at least 20 minutes while covered. Magickally, it is used for wishes, divination and calling upon spirits.

3) Nettle
This is another very healing and cleansing herb. Nettle is particularly grounding and healing for men and their prostate. Nettle tea is another wonderful way of grounding and centering yourself. Used magickally to remove curses and helps with exorcisms.

4) Rosemary
Ah rosemary. Just the smell alone can bring your focus inward and downward helping to center and ground you. Using Rosemary as an essential oil or as a mojo bag kept on hand for a whiff is the best way to utilize it for this purpose. Magickally, rosemary does it all-good health, love spells, nightmare prevention, purification, removing negativity and cleansing.

5) Sage
Good ole sage. When I say this I mean less of wild white sage and more of the garden variety. While burning sage varieties that are non-garden are beneficial for grounding, drinking or eating garden sage is also very beneficial and they have healing qualities as well. Prosperity, protection, healing and deeper wisdom are magickal traits of sage.

Are there more herbs you can use for grounding and/or healing your root chakra? Sure. These are just my top 5 because they can be easily consumed via teas or seasonings AND used in magic which is a win/win for me.

If you are interested in adding these herbs to your cabinet you can purchase the Grounding Herb Pack HERE

Comment below with your favorite.

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