3 Reasons You Need Calendula


Calendula. I love it. It may be my favorite multi-purpose herb, by which I mean crossing the line from spellwork to medicinal purposes. Not only is it so bright and cheery to look at, but it really kicks ass, too!

Calendula Officinalis, what is also known as the marigold is part of the Asteraceae family which also includes some other greats such as echinacea, dandelion, and chamomile. While it is Native to South Central Europe and Northern Africa it now spans the world (ok, maybe not Antartica, but still…). Now I am giving you three reasons it needs to occupy space in your witchy home.

In the magickal world, it is ruled by Sun and the element of Fire, which makes perfect sense due to its beautiful bright yellow and orange coloring.

Also, in the magickal world, it is known for fighting negativity and filling that void with love instead. It is an old practice of making wreaths of marigolds and hanging them above your front door as protection, but also to draw the beneficial properties of love, warmth, and happiness. Calendula is also known for working magick where happiness and joy are needed. It also helps manifest success, yippee! It has also been used for some love spells and marigolds are known for the plucking of its petals to the tune of “he loves me, he loves me not”.

Now, in my herbal work, my jar always needs refilling, because I am constantly using calendula in a variety of ways. Like seriously, for everything.

Calendula is a vulnerary which means it heals wounds. It is also anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal which is why I use it (along with other herbs) in quite a few of my healing salves. According to FDA guidelines, I can’t tell you how great they are, use testimonials or use before and after pictures. This is unfortunate because they deserve to be shared, but you can find them HERE . Herbs really do have amazing healing properties.

Some of those same qualities are why I use it as an infused oil mixed with witch hazel as a facial toner for my teen daughter (see simple recipe below).

It is also an immune stimulant and a lymphatic which is why I use it in my Love Lymphatically tea (tastes great too!). So preparing an infusion, either a simple or blended with other herbs is beneficial for cleasning the lymphatic system. In today’s sedentary world, not enough people stimulate their lymphatic system so this is helpful.

Calendula is also a cholagogue, helping to release bile from the gallbladder (also helps act as a mild laxative). A diaphoretic which increases sweating-YUCK-but it is helpful in breaking a fever naturally. Antispasmodic which can be helpful for muscle cramps as well as stomach and intestinal cramping. And is an emmenagogue which brings on and increases menstrual blood flow.

In the spiritual realm marigolds are associated with the sacral chakra and can help get that oh-so-important chakra activated. Trying to be all things to all people, a common problem among women, (giving away your power) drains your sacral chakra so restoring balance is important. It can be found in my Sacral Chakra Bath Tea.

So really calendula is an herbal badass.

So the recipe for the wonderful Acne Facial Toner is below. It not only tames acne, but it does so without it drying your face. It actually leaves it nice and soft. Very pleasant and my kids love it.

Calendula is definitely a must-have for any witch or wise woman starting their apothecary.

Mountain Rose Herbs is a great source of organic herbs. I love their quality if you can’t or don’t grow your own. Living in the Las Vegas heat I tend to buy more than I grow, but I give each bag I receive a hug when it arrives. Be respectful and grateful no matter what your source is.



~Make a calendula oil infusion (see prior blog post on infusions).

~Use 2 TBS of oil per half cup of witch hazel

I buy a bottle of witch hazel and pour it into a mason jar. I measure out a half a cup at a time and pour it back into the witch hazel container along with the 2 TBS of oil. Doing it bit by bit assures I have enough space in the bottle. Save any excess witch hazel in a mason jar to use for later.

Before using toner shake well then apply to cotton ball or pad. Use pad to gently apply to face in a circular motion.

Before you know it you will be enjoying soft, clear skin.

3 reasons calendula

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