Beyond Sage: 3 More Magickal Ways to Cleanse Spaces


Smudging is all the rage and all the cool kids are doing it. It DOES help, but what if there were something better?


In my Home Blessing Box the first step is smudging with a sage bundle to clear the air, but then my custom blends are there to call in the big guns. And that is what this article is about-the something better list.

Magickally, and even energetically speaking (because let’s face it magick is all about the energy, right?) flowers and leaves possess the least amount of energy of the plant. So when we burn it (think smudging bundles) that smaller amount of energy is what is being put out into the atmosphere and Universe.

So what’s stronger?

1) The next stronger aspect of the plant is the roots. SO much energy is stored in the roots. When a plant goes dormant or is cut back for the winter season all that energy stays alive and well in the roots.

There are many beneficial roots you can burn on self-igniting charcoal in your mini cauldrons. (Don’t you just love the mini cauldrons?!!) Ginger root, galangal (low John), licorice and my favorite, angelica. These are some wonderful selections to try.

What’s next?

2) The actual wood. This is the body of the plant and where all the important aspects pass through or are connected to it. In other words, it is a very important part of the plant because you need a body to support the limbs and the roots need something to give life to. It is the gateway to all you need.

The most well-known cleansing wood is Palo Santo, the Peruvian holy wood. This is now being harvested to a fault as so many popular wild-harvested plants are. So keep in mind that there is also Cedar. Pine even is a very cleansing wood and is fabulous for blessing your space. There are so many others to be found with a little research.

And drumroll please…

3) Resins. The blood and soul of the plant. The resins are so incredibly high-vibe. They come in pearls you can burn on you cauldrons or in a censer so that you can have it flow back and forth as you walk through your home or office like I prefer to do. If you don’t like that then go for the essential oils or Fred Soll’s makes THE BEST resin incense out there. I could bathe myself in it. I wish I was an affiliate for as much as I sing their praises.

Some of the popular resins are frankincense, copal, myrrh, and dragonsblood. But there are others such as mastic, guggul, opopanax, and bloodroot. Look for cultivated and properly sourced versions of these when buying as the numbers of healthy specimens in the wild are dwindling due to over-harvesting.

So now that you know about the more energetic/magickal options I encourage you to try the various methods and to do so with a variety of plants. Each one has their own special energy it brings to the table. See if you find a new favorite. Mine is my resin blend that accompanies my Mo’ Money Spell and Home Blessing Box, but I’m a bit partial.

I’d love you to check back in and let me know how it goes.

Beyond Sage

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