Moon Magick in 4 Easy Steps


The amazing, glorious moon. She is admired by many and makes a great photo op. Am I right? (Although she never looks as good on your cell phone as she does in real life.)

She possesses so much raw power that she can influence tides, people and yes, magick. It’s the last that gives us witches so much joy! It’s even getting more the more mainstream people involved. Where they are writing their intentions down in hopes of manifesting with the cycle of her greatness.

If you are just beginning a witchy practice or are more mainstream but want to better understand the cycles of the moon and how to use them for your benefit. I am breaking it down into 4 simple cycles-not by quarter moons, I feel that gets too complex starting out.

I start the cycle with the…


This occurs when there is little or no moon to be seen, usually the night of what is called The New Moon, but it can be the night before. The Dark Moon is a liminal phase where there is no actual illumination on the moon because it sits between the waxing and waning moons. So, many times the actual New Moon falls on the day after the date you find on your calendars (sign up to get your free PDF of Moon Cycles HERE ).


So that brings on a whole other energy. A time to do other magick than that of the New Moon. Banishing and shadow work are great for the Dark Moon. The goddess Hecate is deeply tied to the Dark Moon so any work that calls to her would be perfect, as well as any crossroads or Underworld deities. Spirit magick and ancestral work are great for the Dark Moon. You also might want to pull out your divination tools and consecrate or cleanse them or simply use them because the timing is optimal.

After the Dark Moon, we move immediately into the…


New moon energy is new, fresh and a time of great hope. The energy occurs up to 3 days after the moon is illuminated. New moon to full, people are getting into setting their intentions because it is the perfect time to plant the seeds you will grow through the moon cycle. This can be for anything positive-money, love, success, communication, healing or good health. Plant those seeds baby!

Reap what you sow. That leads us to the…


The full moon is a great time to celebrate. If your intentions were manifested in one moon cycle then bring out the wine because the full moon is about giving thanks for your bounty. It is a great time to gather your tribe (esbats anyone?) and doing ritual work. If your intentions have not been manifested you should recommit yourself to these intentions at this time. It is also a free for all-any kind of magick can be done during the full moon, like seriously, any. The power of the full moon lasts up to 3 days on either side. Tune into it and go with what you feel is right.

Coming into home stretch is…


From full to dark is the time to do spellwork for things you want to release. Buh-Bye. See you later. Adios. Like what you ask? Old habits. Old relationships. addictions. Whatever kind of magick for things you want to decrease-stop gossip, pesky co-workers from being in your business, stop a cheating boyfriend, etc. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Bad shit begone!

I personally, like to have ritual at the New Moon and Full Moon. It isn’t as thorough or extravagant as when I was in my past coven but it is something simple and sweet that speaks to me. Sometimes I miss the other and think I will write something “more” for myself but I always say that’s for another time. I’m thinking I might just be a bit lazy for that, lol.

I’d love to hear whether you do rituals for yourself, or if you are part of a coven or if you are just a light-your-candles-and-throw-your-crystals-on-a window-ledge kind of person (which is perfectly fine too).

Moon Magick

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