3 Love Spells

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love so I say celebrate it. But not everyone is in a mushy, gushy relationship and they shouldn’t be forgotten. Whether you are kicking it by yourself or searching for a partner I’ve got a spell for you.

Miss Independent

You’ve got things to do in life and maybe don’t have the time or energy to spare for a relationship and that is ok because you’ve got goals. But that’s not all, this spell is great for ALL women. All good relationships begin with a healthy love of self.

This is a ritual spell.

You will need:

A pink or white candle

Essential oil of any of the following



Sweet Orange



~With the essential oil anoint your candle from the edges in towards the middle.

~Light candle and place somewhere safe.

~With your back to the mirror (or you can face it if you are feeling confident but remember NO JUDGING), begin slowly undressing saying one positive thing about each body part that is uncovered

~When you are undressed say words to the effect

I am strong and powerful and yet beautiful, and sensual. The power of magic is within me and not without. My confidence grows stronger day by day. And so it is.

~Anoint yourself on the neck and even a dot on your 3rd eye if you want with the essential oil, only if you are not sensitive.

~Take your bath or shower and envisions all the weight of the world, and negativity being cleansed from your body and your refreshed powerful self shining through. See yourself as the vision of who you desire to be and know you already are her, she may just need permission to come forward.

~When you feel complete finish your shower or bath as you would or get out.

Looking for Love

Are you someone who wants to be in a relationship but just can’t seem to find anyone worthy? Don’t fret. I know Valentine’s Day can leave you feeling left out and feeling awkward but you turning your emotions and intentions into a LOVE BEACON that is sending out the signal for your matching partner. And it all starts with this spell (and then you actually leaving the house to meet your intended person-they won’t just show up on your doorstep. Unless it is the Amazon delivery guy and you are doing A LOT of shopping).

You will need:

A white candle

A pink candle


A toothpick

A Cookie Sheet

~With the toothpick carve your initials and birthdate into the pink candle. (Hold the toothpick close to the end that is doing the carving to maintain control and so it won’t break or splinter)

~With the toothpick carves signs of love into the white candle. Hearts are good but if you have specifics you are requiring carve those too. Man or woman, brown hair or blond, Asian or Caucasian, etc. But remember the Universe?God/Creator knows better than we do what’s in our best and highest good so leaving as much room to work as possible is what I aim for. I never would have been happily married for all these years if I had narrowed it down to what I thought I liked

~When you are done place the pink candle on one end of the cookie sheet (you might want to cover it with foil first) and the white candle at the opposite end.

~Take a small handful of sugar and encircle the two candles

~Say these words

Like a moth to a flame the right mate will find me

Like a bee to honey he/she is drawn to me

Our vibrations to match I know this will be

And it harms none, so mote it be.

~Light the candles, pink one first, and sit for a moment and envision yourself happily in a relationship. See, it, feel it, know it to be true.

~Allow it to burn for 7-12 minutes before snuffing it out.

~The next day move the candles closer to one another and say the words again and do the envisioning part, allowing the candle to burn 7-12 minutes

~Do this each night for 7 nights moving the candles closer and closer until they are touching.

Looking to Heat Things Up

This is a spell for current relationships that need a little fire. It most definitely can be sexual but maybe you just want more interaction than you’ve been getting. Either way, this spell can help.

You will need:

A red candle

Essential oil of one of the following


Black Pepper



Ground Cayenne

Ground Black Pepper

Ground Clove

Ground Cinnamon


Paper plate

~With the toothpick carve both of your initials into the candle

~You can also carve hearts or the symbols that represent your relationships from the female and male symbols

~If using the essential oils, anoint the candle from the outer edges to the middle going around in a circle

~Place candle in candle holder if it needs one and place that on the paper plate

~As you light the candle say

With this spark, I build a fire

With this spell, I do conspire

Increasing our relational heat

And it harms none, so mote it be

~If you using the ground herbs occasionally sprinkle a dusting over the flame as you visualize the two of you coming together in passion.

~You can burn this candle for 7-12 minutes as you visualize or take it to the bedroom if you intend to have relations at that moment. If not, snuff out and save for the next time.

There are so many different aspects to love and I hope that these spells help pique your interest into what is possible. Whether it is self-love (and it really does all start from there?), to finding a good match, to fueling the fire that maybe hasn’t had the energy to burn as bright as it once did, there is something for everyone.

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