5 Herbs for Love

I know February is like the month of love but really when isn’t it time for some love and romance? No matter what time of year you are looking to attract love or spice things up, here are my top 5 choices to turn to.

Roses, of course!

These I like because different colors resonate with different types of love and therefore different love spells. Yellow is for friendship or platonic love, while pink is for courting, romantic love like expressed on the 6 of cups card (my favorite tarot love card btw). And red roses are for hot, passionate love or plain ole’ sex spells. I use powdered rose as an ingredient in my love drawing powder. It’s fabulous for attracting a mate as well.

So since I brought up hot, steamy love let’s go with that for the next few herbs.

For women especially. Damiana

This herb is an amazing tea, bath tea or yoni steam or you can even smoke it. It helps with adjusting female hormones making us more in the mood for love. It is known as an aphrodisiac but really the effects are actually pretty mild. It DOES increase blood flow which stimulates nether regions and relaxes you to help release stress and make you more apt to actually want to partake in passion play, BUT its greatest contribution is that it is believed to intensify orgasms. This is one I suggest USING it in the ways listed above more than adding it to candle spells or conjure bags.

Now men, there’s even one for you. High John the Conqueror Root

While High John can affect women too, it is associated with men and has a more direct effect on their libido and sexual efforts. To find love it is said to anoint a root with Come to me Lover Oil and to carry in a red flannel bag to draw a lover but for men looking to impress your lover with your sexual prowess then anointing with Bend Over Oil and carrying it in your pocket would do as well.

The ole’ hippy favorite. Patchouli

I used to despise this smell but the more I used it in magick the more I came to love it. It was the cheap version slathered on Dead Heads back in the day that made my stomach turn. The real essence of patchouli is a beautiful, sensual musky smell. It does well for anointing candles for love spells or better yet taking a ritual bath with the oil and then air drying before you go to your significant other OR to find one.

And last but not least. Hibiscus

This is another very sweet and romantic herb to be added to your love magick. Anoint a candle with any of the love oils and roll in crushed, dried hibiscus leaves for candle magick. (NOTE-Any time you are burning candles with herbs you should have a large, protected area-I use a large cookie sheet covered in foil, so I can still use it in the kitchen-and you want to watch it burn for the duration as the entire candle will often go up in flames.) Or make a conjure bag, I am partial to both types of magick.

So, here is to creating love as often as you can because it is a beautiful thing and the world definitely needs more of it. If you want to do a spell for world love try some of that yellow rose and hibiscus and spread that shit around! As for you, I have nothing but love for you.

Many Blessings.

Please remember that a person’s free will should be respected and that no means no whether that comes from a woman or a man. Love should always include respect.

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