The Magic of Barcelona

Last month I realized I was depressed.

Shortly after opening my own business in Las Vegas my son began having health problems and then more health problems. Then last year my youngest daughter was fine one day and then the next she wasn’t. So many times I’ve had to drop everything to deal with a sick kid or block out an entire week for hospital stays or a barrage of doctor and test appointments. It’s made me question if I should scale back or maybe even close down for good. And trying to balance both had definitely stolen any and all joy from my life.

There were happy moments but no real joy.

I had decided something had to change. I was hoping my trip to Europe was going to bring me insight. That I would be inspired and know exactly what to do.

Only our vacation was so busy I never had time to sit and be still and and ask the questions let alone hear what the Universe was trying to tell me.

While I took a shower the night we arrived home I stood there thinking about what I loved most about our trip and it was Barcelona. But what was so special about it and how could I add those things into my life here? Did any of it apply to my work? After all, that is where I was looking for answers.

First of all, the energy was amazing. It was relaxed and peaceful and I had the best sleep I’d had in months. Which is amazing because we were right by the train station and I didn’t have the right adapter plugged in so my fan, that I use for white noise, exploded and I fully expected to sleep like crap…and yet I didn’t. So my major take away-getting my life back to a relaxed vibe state is my goal.

So what can be done to get there?

I noticed that people in Barcelona love to gather and enjoy each other’s company. They spend time with one another not just a quick hello and yet another promise to “get together soon” and catch up. They actually seem to ENJOY conversing and being around their friends. While I was there I met a friend, who lives there, for Ethiopian food. Watching and listening to everyone around us, even though I don’t speak Catalan or Spanish was intriguing. The only time people were on their phones was to take a group photo.

The food is amazing in Barcelona (patatas bravas anyone?) and they want you to try it all, that’s why they have tapas. Not only do they have tapas, or small bites, but they have outdoor seating all over the city so you can dine al fresco. It’s all about enjoying the experience as much as possible. They want you finish your meal with a cup of amazing cafe con leche, which puts Starbucks to shame, and they want you to enjoy it so badly the waiter won’t bring you a bill until you ask for it. Who are they to say when you are done enjoying your meal?

In Barcelona people charge a fair price for things so that products and services are available to the majority. So, this means you can take 4 tennis lessons for $32 Euro a month instead of $80 a lesson. This gets people out doing and trying new things because it is accessible. I know this isn’t an American thing and it certainly doesn’t change American prices and make it more affordable to do things but my goal is to look for things that are affordable to get out and do. That’s what Meetup is for, right?

When you first get to Barcelona you see all this graffiti and honestly it is off-putting. But then it was explained to me that there it is about self-expression and has NOTHING to do with crime or gangs like it does in America. They actually have graffiti walking tours you can go on. While I am still not a huge fan it does make me realize that we all need creativity in our lives. It is a necessity. It is what we were put here to do.

I’m convinced these 4 things will bring much happiness and contentedness. Just thinking about them brings back feelings of being there. I’m shaving off the things I no longer want in my life so I can add these things that I think matter. Some of them are personal and some are work-related as I strive for anything that makes me remotely feel like I did in Barcelona.

I have decided to stop doing readings, at least for the time being, since keeping appointments while balancing my children’s appointments makes me very stressed. Instead I am focusing on creating. Creating more of my magickal and herbal products and malas, too. Creating digital products-I’ve got plans for a digital witchy journal. Staying in that creative flow. More of that and less anxiety.

What things can you shed to make room for the things you love?

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