The Magic of Black Salt

Any full moon is a great time to make Black Salt, but the upcoming Full Moon on the Spring Equinox will be extra powerful. I make large batches during special Full Moons like blue moons and eclipses because it really gives the salt that extra boost.

So, if you aren’t already familiar with Black Salt and what it does think of it as salt in superhero format. Salt is Clark Kent and Black Salt is Superman. Black Salt cleanses and protects on a whole other level.

Some of the ways that you can use black salt-

1) Keep an open jar on your nightstand to ward against nightmares and night terrors

2) Add a pinch in your bath for a cleansing bath ritual, especially after cutting cords and attachments, (clean out tub thoroughly before next use so you aren’t putting that negative energy back on you).

3) Place an open container on your desk or sprinkle across the threshold of your office or cubicle to keep those Negative Nancy’s out of your space and to ward against gossip and malice. This one you will want to replace often-keep it fresh.

4) After cleansing your home dust along doorways or even the perimeter of your property to keep out unwanted energies.

5) Use in juju bags for protection-cars, homes, overall etc

6) Use in banishment spells or for the removal of hexes.

7) Use in exorcisms or in the removal of unwanted spirits from a space.

8) Use in your mop bucket to cleanse floors and put a protective ward on the ground you walk on.

9) Cast your circle with it for BIG magick.

10) Place a jar under the bed or near the bedside when someone is sick.

There are more ways than that of course because Black Salt will do as you command. Make sure to set your intention firmly.

Great! So how the hell do I get my hands on some? Well, you can purchase it from a professional witch (mine can be found HERE) or magickal shop or you can make your own.

When making your own there are some basic rules.

~Use salt (obvi)

~Use charcoal ash (you can also use incense ash and add activated charcoal powder or some kitchen witches just cook up the salt in a cast iron skillet and this salt comes out a bit pinkish for some reason)

~Use black pepper

Many people stop there, but others, and I, add more protective and cleansing herbs to up the power. Below is a list of common and not so common additives. The more you deviate with other additives though it becomes YOUR salt creation and less Black Salt. That doesn’t make it a bad thing, just not the same thing.

Angelica Bay Leaf Comfrey Devil’s Claw

Eucalyptus Feverfew Holy Basil Lavender

Nettle Poke Root Sulfur

At no time do you want to burn or ingest Black Salt!

So now, you are ready to get busy and mix up a batch. Remember the most important part of the spell isn’t the ingredients but the intentions you set into making it. With every grinding motion or clockwise stir around the bowl tell that salt what you want from it and how powerful it is.

When you are all done store in glass jars.

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