3 Ways to Protect Your Personal Energy

So you’re at work and SHE walks in the door and all of a sudden you feel your blood pressure rise and your energy drain. Every time she’s near it’s like a dark cloud has passed overhead and a black sludge has filled the air.

She makes work miserable, but what can you do, you NEED your job.

First off, you need to protect your energy. Secondly, there are spells for girls, and men, like that but that’s another blog post.

You can NOT let people like that suck the very life out of you. So here are some helpful tips to block Energy Vampires, Negative Nancys and Bad Bitches & Bros


I don’t care if you wear them in your bra, although I’ve tried it and ouch, or build a freaking crystal moat around your desk but get yourself some crystals. Ones that repel the negative energy are best.

Smoky Quartz
Black Onyx
Black Tourmaline

Stones that do the hard work of blocking the nasties need extra love, so don’t forget to show it. Now some people will say that stones like black tourmaline that transmute negative energy don’t need to be cleaned, and honestly, I used to think that too. Until I started using them professionally and noticed the amount of BLECH they were still picking up. But if you don’t want to cleanse your stones because it’s been working for you, by all means, do what works for you! I’m just saying a little moonlight or smudging never hurt anyone.


You can diffuse them. You can put them on a lava rock bead and wear it as a necklace or bracelet and smell it all day long. You can put it in a spray like the Aura Cleansing Spray I sell (which smells like pure heaven-to get yours click HERE). However, you decide to use it it will raise your vibration so that the lower vibrations have a harder time breaking through. It’s like water off a duck’s back. Just glides on down.

Some great oils to use for this purpose are:

Lemongrass (basically anything citrus)


You should be doing this every day. And if you are an empath (if you have an aura you are one but some people are more dialed in and more sensitive than others) it is IMPERATIVE you do this for your emotional, mental and physical well-being. No joke. It was the one of the greatest gifts I gave myself.

You want to ground yourself to Mother Earth, Surround yourself, inside and out, with white light to Protect you AND your aura. If you sign up for my Witchy & Woo newsletter you have free access to my members only The Circle page where you can download my Ground, Surround & Protect meditation for free. Sign up HERE.

No matter what tools you are using above the most important step is always setting boundaries. Like protecting your energy, setting boundaries is a huge part of self-care and girl you are worth being taken care of, even if you are the one doing it.

Sometimes it is saying “NO” when people are expecting you to say yes. And you don’t have to explain yourself, no is a complete sentence! Sometimes it is leaving a conversation, or the room when things go south. And sometimes it is straight out telling someone you are in no mood, or have no time, or no energy or desire to deal with their drama. It is ok. Will they think you are a bitch? Probably. So what. Does that person’s opinion really mean that much to you? Or is it worth it not to be dragged down into the muck of yucky energy? Maybe it is time they see things with a new set of eyes anyway, who knows.

So to go forth and live your best life you need to protect yourself before you wreck yourself. And I mean that with love.

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