7 Fabulous Ways to Get Back on Your Spiritual Path

Photo by Kevin Young on Unsplash

Have you ever told the Universe to piss off?

Less than a year ago I got angry at the Universe/God/Goddess, pick one I don’t care, and I decided-screw it, you’ve apparently given up on me so I’m giving up on you. I threw out 10 years of almost daily meditation. I threw out my loving, Oneness, peaceful thoughts. I pretty much stopped praying except occasionally when I forgot I was being angry and bitter and let a prayer slide in at bedtime. I thought I was done.

This happened during the worst year of my life and I’ve been around the sun now 48 and a half times and been through some heavy shit.

It was ok for a while, but then I noticed myself getting grumpy and impatient. I noticed myself bitching behind the wheel of the car instead of just going with the flow. I saw that I wasn’t as quick to make healthy choices either and the 10 pounds I fought so hard to lose quickly piled back on. I had zero energy or motivation. And worst of all? I began to feel alone. And with that came depression.

I’ve made some changes since I realized I was depressed. Largely I DO things and work on BEing present instead of worrying about what might happen. Or fretting over what has already happened. But the truth of the matter is I wanted, or needed, to get back to the essentials. I needed to get back to my spiritual center.

Maybe you’ve been floundering too, we are living in precarious times after all, and you just want to find your happy place. Well here are some practical steps I’ve found that are helpful for your soul’s well-being. Steps that help raise your vibration and help you feel that connection once again.

1) Ground Yourself

If you aren’t into meditation or if you’re struggling to reconnect with that practice, at least take a few minutes to ground yourself.

Sit with your feet on the floor or stand. Visualize or imagine that your spine is a tree trunk and your pelvis is the base of the tree. From the pelvis flowing down your legs are the roots, so tender and yet so strong, down they flow towards your feet, out your feet, and into Mother Earth. They connect you to her and bring you peace, love, and contentment. Take a moment to relish the connection to that energy and just BE.

2) Be in Nature

Take 5 minutes and go outside. Watch the branches of the trees sway in the wind. Watch birds hop along looking for tasty nibbles. Feel the sun on your skin or soak up the beautiful moonlight. Breathe and just BE.

Nature is the direct expression of The Divine. Being in nature is like basking in its energetic glow. But you must be PRESENT, just walking through the park doesn’t cut it if you aren’t taking note of the beauty that surrounds you.

3) Malas & Mantra

Whether you’re praying the holy names of god or chanting a mantra that you created there is great power in the rhythm and vibration of sound. Malas have 108 beads for your mantra counting, just the perfect amount to get you deep into the healing space of the energy. Meditating this way is so easy and focused.

I have a few Reiki-infused Chakra and purpose driven malas in my store, you can see them HERE. I’m working on more designs (and better pictures) right now. I also create custom malas that are designed according to the needs of your personal energy.

4) Journaling

Getting things out of your head and down on paper is so healing. I’ve never been great at journaling. Only doing it sporadically when I feel I really need to release something within. But whether you do it sporadically or every day there is great healing within the confines of those pages you keep. I found a book called Journal Like God by Maryann Patalano that was helpful.

5) Forgive, forgive, forgive

Forgive yourself for going through a difficult time. For giving up on practices you KNOW are for your best and highest good. Forgive the guy who cut you off and drives like an asshole. Forgive your dog for peeing on the floor after just coming in from outside. Forgive Tommy in 2nd grade for telling you that you were a dumb, fat, stupid-head. It truly lightens your load and loosens the tightness in your chest. Forgiveness opens your heart chakra more than anything else.

6) Gratitude

Be grateful. For everything. We have shitty days. But there are good things even within the shittiest of days. Stop and take notice of those.

For 4 years I’ve been part of a Facebook group that counts their gratitudes DAILY. You seriously check in each and every day or make it up if you miss a day, or you’re out. This year we’re being VERY lenient and only listing 5 gratitudes. The other three years have been ten. 3,650 gratitudes a year. That takes some serious digging some days but it trains you to look for the good stuff. If you think you have what it takes, find me on Facebook and we can add you for 2020.

7) High Vibe Diet

By this, I mean eating foods with the highest vibrational frequency to uplift your own frequency instead of bringing it down. So no processed food and honestly no dead food. Dead food has a vibrational frequency of ZERO. None. Kaput. It’s why I became vegetarian 6 years ago (and then it later was because of the animals, but honestly it was vibration first). Processed food, has a vibration of 500-0 Hz. While raw fruits and veggies vibrate at 9,000-12,000 Hz. Cooked veggies are around 1000 Hz. You want to aim for about 50,000 Hz. So you don’t have to give up meat (or processed foods) completely if the idea makes you want to cry, but do the math and cut WAY back.

Not only does it help with your physical health, but also mental, emotional and energetic health. Eating vibrationally is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Doing these things in bits and pieces or in one giant bite will help you feel better. It helps you connect with your Higher Self and The Divine. When we feel that connection (and it’s completely a misconception on our part because we aren’t ever not connected) it is impossible to feel alone.

Just because life seems to have backed up a dump truck on to your life and unloaded a massive pile of crap doesn’t mean the Universe has given up on you. Or that The Divine loves you any less, it means your life path has a lesson for you to learn and this is its chosen delivery system. So pay attention, buckle up and get through it as best you can. And by the goddess learn the damn lesson the first time round.

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