Why the Future is So Hard to Tell

Tarot cards Tarot, the wheel of fortune card in the foreground.

Over the years people have come to me with a lot of questions regarding spirituality and magick. Some questions I remember to take note of and some disappear from my mind as soon as I’ve given an answer (or attempted to).

This one came up again recently and I immediately thought ‘blog post!!!’.

Q: Why IS the future so hard to tell with complete accuracy?

A: The future is not stationary.

In the Akashic Records, there is kept every record of every past life for every person, as well as their current life and every record for every POSSIBLE future. It is every changing with the choices we make.

We are given Free Will on this planet. At any moment we are able to change our mind. That ability is what dictates our future.

So when you go for a reading you are being told the future as given like a snapshot in time. The future as of that moment, or as it is for your Best and Highest Good.

When you leave you have two options. 1) Take the advice given to you and walk toward the future shown. Or ignore it and choose another path.

The two different paths can alter reality. In Quantum Physics it is believed these different choices create parallel universes or multiverses. Each major choice causes a ripple producing a new universe where there are two lives happening. One experiencing choice A and the other living choice B.

Sometimes people come for readings ONLY to hear what they want to hear. When they don’t get the validation for their feelings they poo-poo the reading and go back to doing what they want anyway, and most often times change the fate of the reading and then get to sit back and say “See, I knew that psychic was full of crap.”

But sometimes, we get to see beyond all the mess, we get to see that the person is obstinate, won’t listen, will make the opposite choices and will end up someplace different than their Best and Highest Good and then we have the choice to ruin your day or try to sugar coat it a bit to make the unfortunate news go down easier.

So new readers know when you feel like you nailed the reading but they come back and tell you otherwise, it isn’t just up to you. They have the control to bring the future you see to fruition or not. Their Free Will can lead them down a different path. Sometimes it will eventually lead them back to where you saw them at, but not always and that is ok. Not even the Akashic Records has it nailed down.

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