To Witch or Not to Witch

In case you’ve wondered where I’ve been, why there’s been no blog posts I’ve been caught up in my mind trying to make sense of things. Specifically, whether to witch or not to witch. That was my question.

I don’t mean in my private life because even if I don’t practice spellcrafting I’m still a witch. What I mean is professionally. Out loud. In pubic and all.

This is why. Every time I’ve been out front and center with my practice, it attracts unsavory things: people and energy. I try to keep things in a positive energy. I LIKE being freaking Glinda ok? So rainbows don’t shoot out my butt when I fart, but I like to feel my feels and then get back to light asap because I PREFER happiness and joy.

So when these negative people sending their negative energy to me and my family it makes me doubt what I am doing. My priority is to keep my family safe and well. My business running well.

And then there are the clients who want me to do questionable (according to MY personal ethics) spells.

The times I’ve pushed my ethics to their limits and done them they usually don’t work (I wonder why???) and then the client is dissatisfied and there is more negativity. The smudge on my aura from working outside my own moral code and the negativity from making someone unhappy is something I prefer to avoid just as much as the on purpose attacks people send.

I considered just shutting it down. The whole thing. Closing up shop and being done with it all.

Only I LIKE spellwork. I LIKE herbal work. I LIKE being a witch and doing witchy things for a living.

So what to do?

I added Reiki to my Freeze Spell and I froze (and freeze) ALL the people sending me negative juju. I ground, surround and protect daily. And I am getting back on track with my daily meditation practice (fell off the wagon after 10 years-sad face). I’m keeping my area clean, ok? I keep my broom in my office and am trying to use it regularly instead of just for ceremony.

I also revamped my spiritual practice because I am a spiritual witch. It’s just who I am. We all have to be true to who we are-whoever that may be. I’m eclectic in my spellwork yes, how I identify is as a spiritual witch. My philosophies in Buddhism, Taoism, paganism, Spiritualism, Oneness, the 8 Limbs of Yoga all come into play when I practice my craft. So, I am implementing more of them into my spellwork.

I am also no longer doing spellwork for other people. I am still creating spell kits, beginner witch kits, teaching courses, and will soon have a membership site, but I will not be doing spells or making custom spells for people.

There are plenty of people who are fine working in gray areas or even black magic because they are able to balance it out. I am not. That’s NOT to say they are “bad” and I am “good”. They just have a different way of coping with it. Different beliefs that make it possible. Isn’t that part of what magic is about-what you believe to be true? You have to find the balance that is right for you. Because staying true to who YOU are is what sits right in your soul. It is what attracts the right things into your life or not.

So, with the help of my daughter we are going to be changing things up a bit. My social media, my items in the store, and like I said I am soon opening up a members only subscription site, The Mystic’s Circle that will be about all things witchy and metaphysical. There will be mini-lessons from how-to call the elements to how to make an herbal infusion, to casting certain spells. Also, new moon and full moon gatherings on Zoom each month and a private Facebook page. So, while I took some time off to get right in my head I’m coming back new and improved. Oh, the membership starts on Halloween.

If you are interested you can get on my interest list HERE. Being on the interest list doesn’t mean you are obligated in any way. It only means you will receive an invite from me on Halloween to join The Mystic’s Circle.  If you do join you will receive 50% OFF your first month. The space is limited for the $27 a month Introductory Pricing. But once you sign up at that price and stay active your pricing will never increase.

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