The Mystic’s Circle

I had this idea, as I am wont to do on occasion.

This idea was to create a learning circle of all things witchy and woo.

Something like an online coven…but different. Something more.

A place to get how-to videos, to see how things are done, to have classes, get insight and info. To gather on the full and new moon. A private Facebook group for more group mentoring and all the other goodies that FB groups have, such as, weekly card pulls, Tarotscopes, guest speakers, and Q & A hours.

And then I gave it the name The Mystic’s Circle.

And this felt right in my soul.

When I began so many years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. Back then there weren’t many resources if you weren’t Wiccan. A few books were making their way out into the world, but they weren’t practical guides. They were filled with information but not “here-this is how it’s done” examples. As a solitary practitioner, you were left wondering if you were doing it “right”.

It took a lot of time, studying and hands-on work to get a feel for things.

There is no real “right way”. There are standard ways of doing things and tried and true ways of doing things, but we all have our flair. Some processes have certain required steps for specific reasons like when working with herbs, but most things are flexible and fluid allowing you to go with the flow.

But with that being said, it is still nice to see magick and woo in action and to know WHY things are done a certain way and then adapting from an educated standpoint.

When I joined a coven 10 years ago, there was so much I loved about it. The sisterhood and the hands-on lessons and seeing how others practiced magick. But there was a lot I didn’t like, such as other people telling me how to connect with my Divine (a big one for me) and the ego of my particular High Priestess and all the pot stirring (and I don’t mean cauldrons!)

I desire to bring the best of coven life together with a classroom setting and make it something special and fun. I want to provide opportunities that weren’t available to me. I felt like I was blowing in the wind for eons and I want you to feel like you have it pulled together.

The Mystic’s Circle will help you gain knowledge and have that circle of solidarity without anyone inserting themselves as High Priestess. It will offer a safe place for you to celebrate in ritual the cycles of the moon and what they represent. It will help answer questions no matter how “silly” or “small”. It is meant to be a haven for all things witchy and woo. And I would love for you to join us.

It opens on October 31st. To learn more and get on the no-obligation interest list click below! This is going to be so much fun.

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