Good Witchy Morning: 6 Ways to Start Your Day Out Right

I know it’s fall, the time of year when leaves turn and drift to the ground leaving trees barren and flowers go to bed for the winter, but for me, it is time to come alive. I know there MUST be some summer lovin’ witches out there somewhere but for so many of us fall is our jam.

Here in Las Vegas, summer is like pure torture for me. It’s hotter than Hades and I don’t care to be out in it at all if I can avoid it. It’s time for me to hibernate in the cool A/C. So what goes along with hibernation? Lazy ways and days.

Any good habits I have throughout the year suddenly disappear as I go into sloth mode. So every fall, as the clock moves back that dreaded hour I have to kick it into gear once the body adjusts. And this year is no different.

So how does a good, mindful witch go about starting her day off right?


The very first thing I do when I wake up is say thank you to the Universe. Every step I take to the bathroom is another “Thank you”. Giving gratitude for the bounty in the Universe aligns your energy up to receive more goodness. And I want as much good stuff (and less of the bad juju) that the Universe can give me.


After a good tongue scraping (first order of business in my morning to get all the yucky bacteria out), I drink a big glass of water with lemon to hydrate the body and wake up the liver. I used to be great at drinking lots of water but fell off the wagon so I make sure it’s the first thing I drink before grabbing a cup of tea or coffee.


Maybe it’s a walk, maybe sun salutations. Maybe I turn on the Troll soundtrack and dance to Justin Timberlake’s Hair Up (thanks to my granddaughter Salem that’s a dancing fave). I enjoy walking outside (summertime is a big negatory though) because it’s getting out in nature and well, I’m a witch. I have a natural affinity for nature, I can’t help myself. I think we are all distant cousins of Snow White or something.


For me, this looks like a combination of things. I start in prayer. I give thanks, put in requests, ask for guidance, etc. Then I meditate for however long feels right. When I first began meditating in 2008 I would set a timer. Back when 2 minutes felt like an eternity, but now 20 can seem like 5 so I just go until I feel like coming out of it. Some days that could be 5 minutes and others might be 30.

After meditation, I then do distance Reiki for myself and others. I keep a Reiki box on my meditation altar and add people’s names to it each month. I give Reiki to the box intending it for every person whose name is in the box, including my own. It makes it a very convenient way to give many people energy healing at the same time.

Mind Map.

This is basically planning my day or journaling but different than just making a to-do list. It’s also manifesting a good day. I may start with my to-dos and brain dumping my thoughts onto paper but then I envision my day playing out in the most beautiful, inspired way. And I call it in to be. And sometimes it works and sometimes it misses the mark. But I always feel as if it makes a difference. Practicing your manifestation skills is always a great way to start the day for any witch in my book.

G, S, & P.
Ground, surround and protect. If you haven’t downloaded my meditation I highly suggest it. If you are empathic, and I know you are, then you do not need to put yourself at risk by traversing the world unprotected. You need to ground, surround and protect your aura every single day and on those days that are really a bitch, do it twice…or maybe 3 times. If you are going out into large crowded areas like concerts, games, or heaven forbid Walmart! G, S & P!!! You can find my meditation HERE

Then I get my coffee or tea and social media on. And I always stir a little good luck spell as I stir my cream deosil.
Three times three
Good luck I’ll see
For mine and me
And so it be.

If you don’t have a morning routine for your witchy ways I strongly suggest you get something in place to start your day off on the right foot. Putting positive energy into your mind and into your life before you go out into the world. And always ground, surround and protect. Your aura (and nerves) will thank you.

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