The Mystic’s Circle

I had this idea, as I am wont to do on occasion.

This idea was to create a learning circle of all things witchy and woo.

Something like an online coven…but different. Something more.

A place to get how-to videos, to see how things are done, to have classes, get insight and info. To gather on the full and new moon. A private Facebook group for more group mentoring and all the other goodies that FB groups have, such as, weekly card pulls, Tarotscopes, guest speakers, and Q & A hours.

And then I gave it the name The Mystic’s Circle.

And this felt right in my soul.

When I began so many years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. Back then there weren’t many resources if you weren’t Wiccan. A few books were making their way out into the world, but they weren’t practical guides. They were filled with information but not “here-this is how it’s done” examples. As a solitary practitioner, you were left wondering if you were doing it “right”.

It took a lot of time, studying and hands-on work to get a feel for things.

There is no real “right way”. There are standard ways of doing things and tried and true ways of doing things, but we all have our flair. Some processes have certain required steps for specific reasons like when working with herbs, but most things are flexible and fluid allowing you to go with the flow.

But with that being said, it is still nice to see magick and woo in action and to know WHY things are done a certain way and then adapting from an educated standpoint.

When I joined a coven 10 years ago, there was so much I loved about it. The sisterhood and the hands-on lessons and seeing how others practiced magick. But there was a lot I didn’t like, such as other people telling me how to connect with my Divine (a big one for me) and the ego of my particular High Priestess and all the pot stirring (and I don’t mean cauldrons!)

I desire to bring the best of coven life together with a classroom setting and make it something special and fun. I want to provide opportunities that weren’t available to me. I felt like I was blowing in the wind for eons and I want you to feel like you have it pulled together.

The Mystic’s Circle will help you gain knowledge and have that circle of solidarity without anyone inserting themselves as High Priestess. It will offer a safe place for you to celebrate in ritual the cycles of the moon and what they represent. It will help answer questions no matter how “silly” or “small”. It is meant to be a haven for all things witchy and woo. And I would love for you to join us.

It opens on October 31st. To learn more and get on the no-obligation interest list click below! This is going to be so much fun.

To Witch or Not to Witch

In case you’ve wondered where I’ve been, why there’s been no blog posts I’ve been caught up in my mind trying to make sense of things. Specifically, whether to witch or not to witch. That was my question.

I don’t mean in my private life because even if I don’t practice spellcrafting I’m still a witch. What I mean is professionally. Out loud. In pubic and all.

This is why. Every time I’ve been out front and center with my practice, it attracts unsavory things: people and energy. I try to keep things in a positive energy. I LIKE being freaking Glinda ok? So rainbows don’t shoot out my butt when I fart, but I like to feel my feels and then get back to light asap because I PREFER happiness and joy.

So when these negative people sending their negative energy to me and my family it makes me doubt what I am doing. My priority is to keep my family safe and well. My business running well.

And then there are the clients who want me to do questionable (according to MY personal ethics) spells.

The times I’ve pushed my ethics to their limits and done them they usually don’t work (I wonder why???) and then the client is dissatisfied and there is more negativity. The smudge on my aura from working outside my own moral code and the negativity from making someone unhappy is something I prefer to avoid just as much as the on purpose attacks people send.

I considered just shutting it down. The whole thing. Closing up shop and being done with it all.

Only I LIKE spellwork. I LIKE herbal work. I LIKE being a witch and doing witchy things for a living.

So what to do?

I added Reiki to my Freeze Spell and I froze (and freeze) ALL the people sending me negative juju. I ground, surround and protect daily. And I am getting back on track with my daily meditation practice (fell off the wagon after 10 years-sad face). I’m keeping my area clean, ok? I keep my broom in my office and am trying to use it regularly instead of just for ceremony.

I also revamped my spiritual practice because I am a spiritual witch. It’s just who I am. We all have to be true to who we are-whoever that may be. I’m eclectic in my spellwork yes, how I identify is as a spiritual witch. My philosophies in Buddhism, Taoism, paganism, Spiritualism, Oneness, the 8 Limbs of Yoga all come into play when I practice my craft. So, I am implementing more of them into my spellwork.

I am also no longer doing spellwork for other people. I am still creating spell kits, beginner witch kits, teaching courses, and will soon have a membership site, but I will not be doing spells or making custom spells for people.

There are plenty of people who are fine working in gray areas or even black magic because they are able to balance it out. I am not. That’s NOT to say they are “bad” and I am “good”. They just have a different way of coping with it. Different beliefs that make it possible. Isn’t that part of what magic is about-what you believe to be true? You have to find the balance that is right for you. Because staying true to who YOU are is what sits right in your soul. It is what attracts the right things into your life or not.

So, with the help of my daughter we are going to be changing things up a bit. My social media, my items in the store, and like I said I am soon opening up a members only subscription site, The Mystic’s Circle that will be about all things witchy and metaphysical. There will be mini-lessons from how-to call the elements to how to make an herbal infusion, to casting certain spells. Also, new moon and full moon gatherings on Zoom each month and a private Facebook page. So, while I took some time off to get right in my head I’m coming back new and improved. Oh, the membership starts on Halloween.

If you are interested you can get on my interest list HERE. Being on the interest list doesn’t mean you are obligated in any way. It only means you will receive an invite from me on Halloween to join The Mystic’s Circle.  If you do join you will receive 50% OFF your first month. The space is limited for the $27 a month Introductory Pricing. But once you sign up at that price and stay active your pricing will never increase.

Why the Future is So Hard to Tell

Tarot cards Tarot, the wheel of fortune card in the foreground.

Over the years people have come to me with a lot of questions regarding spirituality and magick. Some questions I remember to take note of and some disappear from my mind as soon as I’ve given an answer (or attempted to).

This one came up again recently and I immediately thought ‘blog post!!!’.

Q: Why IS the future so hard to tell with complete accuracy?

A: The future is not stationary.

In the Akashic Records, there is kept every record of every past life for every person, as well as their current life and every record for every POSSIBLE future. It is every changing with the choices we make.

We are given Free Will on this planet. At any moment we are able to change our mind. That ability is what dictates our future.

So when you go for a reading you are being told the future as given like a snapshot in time. The future as of that moment, or as it is for your Best and Highest Good.

When you leave you have two options. 1) Take the advice given to you and walk toward the future shown. Or ignore it and choose another path.

The two different paths can alter reality. In Quantum Physics it is believed these different choices create parallel universes or multiverses. Each major choice causes a ripple producing a new universe where there are two lives happening. One experiencing choice A and the other living choice B.

Sometimes people come for readings ONLY to hear what they want to hear. When they don’t get the validation for their feelings they poo-poo the reading and go back to doing what they want anyway, and most often times change the fate of the reading and then get to sit back and say “See, I knew that psychic was full of crap.”

But sometimes, we get to see beyond all the mess, we get to see that the person is obstinate, won’t listen, will make the opposite choices and will end up someplace different than their Best and Highest Good and then we have the choice to ruin your day or try to sugar coat it a bit to make the unfortunate news go down easier.

So new readers know when you feel like you nailed the reading but they come back and tell you otherwise, it isn’t just up to you. They have the control to bring the future you see to fruition or not. Their Free Will can lead them down a different path. Sometimes it will eventually lead them back to where you saw them at, but not always and that is ok. Not even the Akashic Records has it nailed down.

7 Fabulous Ways to Get Back on Your Spiritual Path

Photo by Kevin Young on Unsplash

Have you ever told the Universe to piss off?

Less than a year ago I got angry at the Universe/God/Goddess, pick one I don’t care, and I decided-screw it, you’ve apparently given up on me so I’m giving up on you. I threw out 10 years of almost daily meditation. I threw out my loving, Oneness, peaceful thoughts. I pretty much stopped praying except occasionally when I forgot I was being angry and bitter and let a prayer slide in at bedtime. I thought I was done.

This happened during the worst year of my life and I’ve been around the sun now 48 and a half times and been through some heavy shit.

It was ok for a while, but then I noticed myself getting grumpy and impatient. I noticed myself bitching behind the wheel of the car instead of just going with the flow. I saw that I wasn’t as quick to make healthy choices either and the 10 pounds I fought so hard to lose quickly piled back on. I had zero energy or motivation. And worst of all? I began to feel alone. And with that came depression.

I’ve made some changes since I realized I was depressed. Largely I DO things and work on BEing present instead of worrying about what might happen. Or fretting over what has already happened. But the truth of the matter is I wanted, or needed, to get back to the essentials. I needed to get back to my spiritual center.

Maybe you’ve been floundering too, we are living in precarious times after all, and you just want to find your happy place. Well here are some practical steps I’ve found that are helpful for your soul’s well-being. Steps that help raise your vibration and help you feel that connection once again.

1) Ground Yourself

If you aren’t into meditation or if you’re struggling to reconnect with that practice, at least take a few minutes to ground yourself.

Sit with your feet on the floor or stand. Visualize or imagine that your spine is a tree trunk and your pelvis is the base of the tree. From the pelvis flowing down your legs are the roots, so tender and yet so strong, down they flow towards your feet, out your feet, and into Mother Earth. They connect you to her and bring you peace, love, and contentment. Take a moment to relish the connection to that energy and just BE.

2) Be in Nature

Take 5 minutes and go outside. Watch the branches of the trees sway in the wind. Watch birds hop along looking for tasty nibbles. Feel the sun on your skin or soak up the beautiful moonlight. Breathe and just BE.

Nature is the direct expression of The Divine. Being in nature is like basking in its energetic glow. But you must be PRESENT, just walking through the park doesn’t cut it if you aren’t taking note of the beauty that surrounds you.

3) Malas & Mantra

Whether you’re praying the holy names of god or chanting a mantra that you created there is great power in the rhythm and vibration of sound. Malas have 108 beads for your mantra counting, just the perfect amount to get you deep into the healing space of the energy. Meditating this way is so easy and focused.

I have a few Reiki-infused Chakra and purpose driven malas in my store, you can see them HERE. I’m working on more designs (and better pictures) right now. I also create custom malas that are designed according to the needs of your personal energy.

4) Journaling

Getting things out of your head and down on paper is so healing. I’ve never been great at journaling. Only doing it sporadically when I feel I really need to release something within. But whether you do it sporadically or every day there is great healing within the confines of those pages you keep. I found a book called Journal Like God by Maryann Patalano that was helpful.

5) Forgive, forgive, forgive

Forgive yourself for going through a difficult time. For giving up on practices you KNOW are for your best and highest good. Forgive the guy who cut you off and drives like an asshole. Forgive your dog for peeing on the floor after just coming in from outside. Forgive Tommy in 2nd grade for telling you that you were a dumb, fat, stupid-head. It truly lightens your load and loosens the tightness in your chest. Forgiveness opens your heart chakra more than anything else.

6) Gratitude

Be grateful. For everything. We have shitty days. But there are good things even within the shittiest of days. Stop and take notice of those.

For 4 years I’ve been part of a Facebook group that counts their gratitudes DAILY. You seriously check in each and every day or make it up if you miss a day, or you’re out. This year we’re being VERY lenient and only listing 5 gratitudes. The other three years have been ten. 3,650 gratitudes a year. That takes some serious digging some days but it trains you to look for the good stuff. If you think you have what it takes, find me on Facebook and we can add you for 2020.

7) High Vibe Diet

By this, I mean eating foods with the highest vibrational frequency to uplift your own frequency instead of bringing it down. So no processed food and honestly no dead food. Dead food has a vibrational frequency of ZERO. None. Kaput. It’s why I became vegetarian 6 years ago (and then it later was because of the animals, but honestly it was vibration first). Processed food, has a vibration of 500-0 Hz. While raw fruits and veggies vibrate at 9,000-12,000 Hz. Cooked veggies are around 1000 Hz. You want to aim for about 50,000 Hz. So you don’t have to give up meat (or processed foods) completely if the idea makes you want to cry, but do the math and cut WAY back.

Not only does it help with your physical health, but also mental, emotional and energetic health. Eating vibrationally is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Doing these things in bits and pieces or in one giant bite will help you feel better. It helps you connect with your Higher Self and The Divine. When we feel that connection (and it’s completely a misconception on our part because we aren’t ever not connected) it is impossible to feel alone.

Just because life seems to have backed up a dump truck on to your life and unloaded a massive pile of crap doesn’t mean the Universe has given up on you. Or that The Divine loves you any less, it means your life path has a lesson for you to learn and this is its chosen delivery system. So pay attention, buckle up and get through it as best you can. And by the goddess learn the damn lesson the first time round.

3 Ways to Protect Your Personal Energy

So you’re at work and SHE walks in the door and all of a sudden you feel your blood pressure rise and your energy drain. Every time she’s near it’s like a dark cloud has passed overhead and a black sludge has filled the air.

She makes work miserable, but what can you do, you NEED your job.

First off, you need to protect your energy. Secondly, there are spells for girls, and men, like that but that’s another blog post.

You can NOT let people like that suck the very life out of you. So here are some helpful tips to block Energy Vampires, Negative Nancys and Bad Bitches & Bros


I don’t care if you wear them in your bra, although I’ve tried it and ouch, or build a freaking crystal moat around your desk but get yourself some crystals. Ones that repel the negative energy are best.

Smoky Quartz
Black Onyx
Black Tourmaline

Stones that do the hard work of blocking the nasties need extra love, so don’t forget to show it. Now some people will say that stones like black tourmaline that transmute negative energy don’t need to be cleaned, and honestly, I used to think that too. Until I started using them professionally and noticed the amount of BLECH they were still picking up. But if you don’t want to cleanse your stones because it’s been working for you, by all means, do what works for you! I’m just saying a little moonlight or smudging never hurt anyone.


You can diffuse them. You can put them on a lava rock bead and wear it as a necklace or bracelet and smell it all day long. You can put it in a spray like the Aura Cleansing Spray I sell (which smells like pure heaven-to get yours click HERE). However, you decide to use it it will raise your vibration so that the lower vibrations have a harder time breaking through. It’s like water off a duck’s back. Just glides on down.

Some great oils to use for this purpose are:

Lemongrass (basically anything citrus)


You should be doing this every day. And if you are an empath (if you have an aura you are one but some people are more dialed in and more sensitive than others) it is IMPERATIVE you do this for your emotional, mental and physical well-being. No joke. It was the one of the greatest gifts I gave myself.

You want to ground yourself to Mother Earth, Surround yourself, inside and out, with white light to Protect you AND your aura. If you sign up for my Witchy & Woo newsletter you have free access to my members only The Circle page where you can download my Ground, Surround & Protect meditation for free. Sign up HERE.

No matter what tools you are using above the most important step is always setting boundaries. Like protecting your energy, setting boundaries is a huge part of self-care and girl you are worth being taken care of, even if you are the one doing it.

Sometimes it is saying “NO” when people are expecting you to say yes. And you don’t have to explain yourself, no is a complete sentence! Sometimes it is leaving a conversation, or the room when things go south. And sometimes it is straight out telling someone you are in no mood, or have no time, or no energy or desire to deal with their drama. It is ok. Will they think you are a bitch? Probably. So what. Does that person’s opinion really mean that much to you? Or is it worth it not to be dragged down into the muck of yucky energy? Maybe it is time they see things with a new set of eyes anyway, who knows.

So to go forth and live your best life you need to protect yourself before you wreck yourself. And I mean that with love.

5 Herbs for Cleansing and Protecting Spaces

You’ve just shut the door behind the worst house guests EVER! Or maybe your guest is of the spirit nature and they keep turning on the tv in the middle of the night. Or perhaps you and your mate just had a HUGE fight and the energy is SO freaking heavy you could cut it with an athame.

Whatever has your energy in a fit you need some cleansing. Sage is great BUT 1) there is a lot of controversy surrounding the use of white sage and 2) while it is a great cleanser there are a lot of herbs that cleanse AND add back positive and protective energy and those are the ones I love most.

So, what are my top five favorites?

*When I say herbs I am also including resins. I also include tree bark, berries, nuts, grasses, etc, in that group and not just the traditional species of herbs, so there is that.

1. Angelica

I LOVE this herb and it is part of my herbal blend in my Home Blessing Box (for when you are looking to pull out the big guns). It was said the herb appeared in the place where Archangel Michael stood when he made an earthly appearance. It is very high vibe and has a strong cleansing and protective energy. It is also known as Holy Ghost Root and was thought to ward off the plague.

2. Blessed Thistle

This is considered a sacred herb (did the name give it away?) and has strong purification and protection properties. It was another herb that was thought to ward off the plague.

3. Dragon’s Blood

This resin is great for banishing of negativity, evil and spirits but also for protection and healing. I suggest buying this as a loose resin and not an incense stick because too often companies will add artificial fragrance to cut cost instead of pure resin. There are a few reputable companies who sell pure resin incense, I highly recommend Fred Soll’s incense. It’s spendy but it is pure and it is AH-mazing. It also has a very slow burn so you can put it out and burn it multiple times.

4. Frankincense

The holy temples of Egypt used frankincense for purification and healing purposes. They also used it as part of their embalming process. It is considered the highest vibration herb/resin there is. It has long been used for healing purposes too.

5. Hyssop

Hyssop has been considered holy since biblical times, as it is mentioned numerous times in the Bible. It was used to cleanse sacred spaces and was again thought to protect against the plague.

All of these herbs and resins can be burned on a charcoal-whether in place or carried through your home in a censer, a bit added to your laundry or floor wash (EXCEPT for Dragon’s Blood it will stain everything you own), your bathwater, or carried in a juju bag for personal use or in places like your office or car.

Whatever you do, raise the vibe to protect your space, and person, from negative vibes from coming back, that’s very important. If you have a favorite I’d love to hear it.

The Magic of Barcelona

Last month I realized I was depressed.

Shortly after opening my own business in Las Vegas my son began having health problems and then more health problems. Then last year my youngest daughter was fine one day and then the next she wasn’t. So many times I’ve had to drop everything to deal with a sick kid or block out an entire week for hospital stays or a barrage of doctor and test appointments. It’s made me question if I should scale back or maybe even close down for good. And trying to balance both had definitely stolen any and all joy from my life.

There were happy moments but no real joy.

I had decided something had to change. I was hoping my trip to Europe was going to bring me insight. That I would be inspired and know exactly what to do.

Only our vacation was so busy I never had time to sit and be still and and ask the questions let alone hear what the Universe was trying to tell me.

While I took a shower the night we arrived home I stood there thinking about what I loved most about our trip and it was Barcelona. But what was so special about it and how could I add those things into my life here? Did any of it apply to my work? After all, that is where I was looking for answers.

First of all, the energy was amazing. It was relaxed and peaceful and I had the best sleep I’d had in months. Which is amazing because we were right by the train station and I didn’t have the right adapter plugged in so my fan, that I use for white noise, exploded and I fully expected to sleep like crap…and yet I didn’t. So my major take away-getting my life back to a relaxed vibe state is my goal.

So what can be done to get there?

I noticed that people in Barcelona love to gather and enjoy each other’s company. They spend time with one another not just a quick hello and yet another promise to “get together soon” and catch up. They actually seem to ENJOY conversing and being around their friends. While I was there I met a friend, who lives there, for Ethiopian food. Watching and listening to everyone around us, even though I don’t speak Catalan or Spanish was intriguing. The only time people were on their phones was to take a group photo.

The food is amazing in Barcelona (patatas bravas anyone?) and they want you to try it all, that’s why they have tapas. Not only do they have tapas, or small bites, but they have outdoor seating all over the city so you can dine al fresco. It’s all about enjoying the experience as much as possible. They want you finish your meal with a cup of amazing cafe con leche, which puts Starbucks to shame, and they want you to enjoy it so badly the waiter won’t bring you a bill until you ask for it. Who are they to say when you are done enjoying your meal?

In Barcelona people charge a fair price for things so that products and services are available to the majority. So, this means you can take 4 tennis lessons for $32 Euro a month instead of $80 a lesson. This gets people out doing and trying new things because it is accessible. I know this isn’t an American thing and it certainly doesn’t change American prices and make it more affordable to do things but my goal is to look for things that are affordable to get out and do. That’s what Meetup is for, right?

When you first get to Barcelona you see all this graffiti and honestly it is off-putting. But then it was explained to me that there it is about self-expression and has NOTHING to do with crime or gangs like it does in America. They actually have graffiti walking tours you can go on. While I am still not a huge fan it does make me realize that we all need creativity in our lives. It is a necessity. It is what we were put here to do.

I’m convinced these 4 things will bring much happiness and contentedness. Just thinking about them brings back feelings of being there. I’m shaving off the things I no longer want in my life so I can add these things that I think matter. Some of them are personal and some are work-related as I strive for anything that makes me remotely feel like I did in Barcelona.

I have decided to stop doing readings, at least for the time being, since keeping appointments while balancing my children’s appointments makes me very stressed. Instead I am focusing on creating. Creating more of my magickal and herbal products and malas, too. Creating digital products-I’ve got plans for a digital witchy journal. Staying in that creative flow. More of that and less anxiety.

What things can you shed to make room for the things you love?

The Magic of Black Salt

Any full moon is a great time to make Black Salt, but the upcoming Full Moon on the Spring Equinox will be extra powerful. I make large batches during special Full Moons like blue moons and eclipses because it really gives the salt that extra boost.

So, if you aren’t already familiar with Black Salt and what it does think of it as salt in superhero format. Salt is Clark Kent and Black Salt is Superman. Black Salt cleanses and protects on a whole other level.

Some of the ways that you can use black salt-

1) Keep an open jar on your nightstand to ward against nightmares and night terrors

2) Add a pinch in your bath for a cleansing bath ritual, especially after cutting cords and attachments, (clean out tub thoroughly before next use so you aren’t putting that negative energy back on you).

3) Place an open container on your desk or sprinkle across the threshold of your office or cubicle to keep those Negative Nancy’s out of your space and to ward against gossip and malice. This one you will want to replace often-keep it fresh.

4) After cleansing your home dust along doorways or even the perimeter of your property to keep out unwanted energies.

5) Use in juju bags for protection-cars, homes, overall etc

6) Use in banishment spells or for the removal of hexes.

7) Use in exorcisms or in the removal of unwanted spirits from a space.

8) Use in your mop bucket to cleanse floors and put a protective ward on the ground you walk on.

9) Cast your circle with it for BIG magick.

10) Place a jar under the bed or near the bedside when someone is sick.

There are more ways than that of course because Black Salt will do as you command. Make sure to set your intention firmly.

Great! So how the hell do I get my hands on some? Well, you can purchase it from a professional witch (mine can be found HERE) or magickal shop or you can make your own.

When making your own there are some basic rules.

~Use salt (obvi)

~Use charcoal ash (you can also use incense ash and add activated charcoal powder or some kitchen witches just cook up the salt in a cast iron skillet and this salt comes out a bit pinkish for some reason)

~Use black pepper

Many people stop there, but others, and I, add more protective and cleansing herbs to up the power. Below is a list of common and not so common additives. The more you deviate with other additives though it becomes YOUR salt creation and less Black Salt. That doesn’t make it a bad thing, just not the same thing.

Angelica Bay Leaf Comfrey Devil’s Claw

Eucalyptus Feverfew Holy Basil Lavender

Nettle Poke Root Sulfur

At no time do you want to burn or ingest Black Salt!

So now, you are ready to get busy and mix up a batch. Remember the most important part of the spell isn’t the ingredients but the intentions you set into making it. With every grinding motion or clockwise stir around the bowl tell that salt what you want from it and how powerful it is.

When you are all done store in glass jars.

5 Herbs for Love

I know February is like the month of love but really when isn’t it time for some love and romance? No matter what time of year you are looking to attract love or spice things up, here are my top 5 choices to turn to.

Roses, of course!

These I like because different colors resonate with different types of love and therefore different love spells. Yellow is for friendship or platonic love, while pink is for courting, romantic love like expressed on the 6 of cups card (my favorite tarot love card btw). And red roses are for hot, passionate love or plain ole’ sex spells. I use powdered rose as an ingredient in my love drawing powder. It’s fabulous for attracting a mate as well.

So since I brought up hot, steamy love let’s go with that for the next few herbs.

For women especially. Damiana

This herb is an amazing tea, bath tea or yoni steam or you can even smoke it. It helps with adjusting female hormones making us more in the mood for love. It is known as an aphrodisiac but really the effects are actually pretty mild. It DOES increase blood flow which stimulates nether regions and relaxes you to help release stress and make you more apt to actually want to partake in passion play, BUT its greatest contribution is that it is believed to intensify orgasms. This is one I suggest USING it in the ways listed above more than adding it to candle spells or conjure bags.

Now men, there’s even one for you. High John the Conqueror Root

While High John can affect women too, it is associated with men and has a more direct effect on their libido and sexual efforts. To find love it is said to anoint a root with Come to me Lover Oil and to carry in a red flannel bag to draw a lover but for men looking to impress your lover with your sexual prowess then anointing with Bend Over Oil and carrying it in your pocket would do as well.

The ole’ hippy favorite. Patchouli

I used to despise this smell but the more I used it in magick the more I came to love it. It was the cheap version slathered on Dead Heads back in the day that made my stomach turn. The real essence of patchouli is a beautiful, sensual musky smell. It does well for anointing candles for love spells or better yet taking a ritual bath with the oil and then air drying before you go to your significant other OR to find one.

And last but not least. Hibiscus

This is another very sweet and romantic herb to be added to your love magick. Anoint a candle with any of the love oils and roll in crushed, dried hibiscus leaves for candle magick. (NOTE-Any time you are burning candles with herbs you should have a large, protected area-I use a large cookie sheet covered in foil, so I can still use it in the kitchen-and you want to watch it burn for the duration as the entire candle will often go up in flames.) Or make a conjure bag, I am partial to both types of magick.

So, here is to creating love as often as you can because it is a beautiful thing and the world definitely needs more of it. If you want to do a spell for world love try some of that yellow rose and hibiscus and spread that shit around! As for you, I have nothing but love for you.

Many Blessings.

Please remember that a person’s free will should be respected and that no means no whether that comes from a woman or a man. Love should always include respect.

3 Love Spells

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love so I say celebrate it. But not everyone is in a mushy, gushy relationship and they shouldn’t be forgotten. Whether you are kicking it by yourself or searching for a partner I’ve got a spell for you.

Miss Independent

You’ve got things to do in life and maybe don’t have the time or energy to spare for a relationship and that is ok because you’ve got goals. But that’s not all, this spell is great for ALL women. All good relationships begin with a healthy love of self.

This is a ritual spell.

You will need:

A pink or white candle

Essential oil of any of the following



Sweet Orange



~With the essential oil anoint your candle from the edges in towards the middle.

~Light candle and place somewhere safe.

~With your back to the mirror (or you can face it if you are feeling confident but remember NO JUDGING), begin slowly undressing saying one positive thing about each body part that is uncovered

~When you are undressed say words to the effect

I am strong and powerful and yet beautiful, and sensual. The power of magic is within me and not without. My confidence grows stronger day by day. And so it is.

~Anoint yourself on the neck and even a dot on your 3rd eye if you want with the essential oil, only if you are not sensitive.

~Take your bath or shower and envisions all the weight of the world, and negativity being cleansed from your body and your refreshed powerful self shining through. See yourself as the vision of who you desire to be and know you already are her, she may just need permission to come forward.

~When you feel complete finish your shower or bath as you would or get out.

Looking for Love

Are you someone who wants to be in a relationship but just can’t seem to find anyone worthy? Don’t fret. I know Valentine’s Day can leave you feeling left out and feeling awkward but you turning your emotions and intentions into a LOVE BEACON that is sending out the signal for your matching partner. And it all starts with this spell (and then you actually leaving the house to meet your intended person-they won’t just show up on your doorstep. Unless it is the Amazon delivery guy and you are doing A LOT of shopping).

You will need:

A white candle

A pink candle


A toothpick

A Cookie Sheet

~With the toothpick carve your initials and birthdate into the pink candle. (Hold the toothpick close to the end that is doing the carving to maintain control and so it won’t break or splinter)

~With the toothpick carves signs of love into the white candle. Hearts are good but if you have specifics you are requiring carve those too. Man or woman, brown hair or blond, Asian or Caucasian, etc. But remember the Universe?God/Creator knows better than we do what’s in our best and highest good so leaving as much room to work as possible is what I aim for. I never would have been happily married for all these years if I had narrowed it down to what I thought I liked

~When you are done place the pink candle on one end of the cookie sheet (you might want to cover it with foil first) and the white candle at the opposite end.

~Take a small handful of sugar and encircle the two candles

~Say these words

Like a moth to a flame the right mate will find me

Like a bee to honey he/she is drawn to me

Our vibrations to match I know this will be

And it harms none, so mote it be.

~Light the candles, pink one first, and sit for a moment and envision yourself happily in a relationship. See, it, feel it, know it to be true.

~Allow it to burn for 7-12 minutes before snuffing it out.

~The next day move the candles closer to one another and say the words again and do the envisioning part, allowing the candle to burn 7-12 minutes

~Do this each night for 7 nights moving the candles closer and closer until they are touching.

Looking to Heat Things Up

This is a spell for current relationships that need a little fire. It most definitely can be sexual but maybe you just want more interaction than you’ve been getting. Either way, this spell can help.

You will need:

A red candle

Essential oil of one of the following


Black Pepper



Ground Cayenne

Ground Black Pepper

Ground Clove

Ground Cinnamon


Paper plate

~With the toothpick carve both of your initials into the candle

~You can also carve hearts or the symbols that represent your relationships from the female and male symbols

~If using the essential oils, anoint the candle from the outer edges to the middle going around in a circle

~Place candle in candle holder if it needs one and place that on the paper plate

~As you light the candle say

With this spark, I build a fire

With this spell, I do conspire

Increasing our relational heat

And it harms none, so mote it be

~If you using the ground herbs occasionally sprinkle a dusting over the flame as you visualize the two of you coming together in passion.

~You can burn this candle for 7-12 minutes as you visualize or take it to the bedroom if you intend to have relations at that moment. If not, snuff out and save for the next time.

There are so many different aspects to love and I hope that these spells help pique your interest into what is possible. Whether it is self-love (and it really does all start from there?), to finding a good match, to fueling the fire that maybe hasn’t had the energy to burn as bright as it once did, there is something for everyone.