10 Basic Tools for Witchcraft

10 tools

No matter what your reason was for being drawn to the Craft you are here now. Maybe you are just a little curious, a little excited about learning more and thought you’d take a peek. That’s perfectly fine too. The more you learn the more informed you’ll be and that is always a good thing.

Witchcraft is all about manifestation with tools. The basic ingredients of a spell are tools to help manifest your desires into reality. Your words are tools that create a powerful link from thought into being. But the tools I am mentioning today are standard ones that are commonly used in practice and ritual.


This is a ceremonial knife. It tends to be decorative and not sharp. It is not used for actual cutting but instead cutting energy such as cutting a doorway in your circle if you need to leave after you have drawn it. Some people even draw their circle with their athame. Other witches carve their candles for candle magick with their athame. I think it is a bit cumbersome but always think it is worth giving something a try to see if it works for you.


Bells are used to clear the energy. This is done before setting your circle for spellwork or ritual. It is similar to sage as it will cleanse the space of negative energy and/or spirits. I personally use a chime as it works the same but the sound resonates for much longer, however, bells are more decorative and have that “witchy” feel.


This is your broom. This can be a ceremonial broom, in which case I say make it a really awesome witchy broom, lol, or it can be a functional broom. If it is a functional broom it should be made from natural materials. Many kitchen, hedge, and green witches tend to have functional brooms and use it in their daily life as well as ritual life. You would use your broom to “sweep” your working space (circle area) free of negative energy or psychic debris. I prefer to physically sweep, then take my broom outside and knocking it against something solid to knock off the debris and leave it outside my home.


This is your witch journal. You will keep your notes about correspondences, moon phases, astrological aspects, tarot spreads and notes, working spells and notes, herbal recipes, etc. Anything and everything witchy can go in here. Mine is a HUGE binder so I can add pages and move them around freely. Although the words are used interchangeably these days a GRIMOIRE is actually your perfected Spellbook and your BoS a witchy catchall.


This is a curved, sharp knife used for cutting herbs.


You will use a shit ton of candles. Seriously. White and black are the most used ones because they are multi-purpose but feel free to learn the color correspondences and stock up for a wide variety of spellwork. Silver and gold are great representations of the Goddess and God to keep on your altar as well.


Is there anything more witchy than this? I think you need a multitude of sizes. They are used for ritual and magick. I use a teeny size for burning charcoal and incense/herbs/small bits of paper inside, a Medium one for small outdoor ritual and spellwork and a large dutch oven as a cauldron for ritual and making my magickal black salt. Dutch ovens come with lids and are up to half the cost of cauldrons and don’t look much different. Keep it in mind when shopping for large cauldrons.


For ritual and ceremony mostly used in Wicca or covens, but I have also concluded spellwork with a small bit of wine and a cookie or chocolate for grounding purposes, plus they look cool. I have a set of gorgeous mini onyx ones.


YAY!!! These are used to raise the vibration of your space and your tools and to aid in spellwork. ALWAYS cleanse them first and personally, personally I never cleanse in water because there are too many that should never make contact with it. If water is your preferred method of cleansing a good rule of thumb is to avoid doing so with crystals ending in “ite” bu there are plenty of crystals that don’t end in “ite” that shouldn’t touch water so do your homework.


This is a cool tool for guiding energy. The most common purpose would be for drawing your circle or infusing a spell. You, of course, have a built-in wand on your hand-your index finger. A wand is obviously much cooler.

These are great tools to have but as you can see many of them are not required. They definitely help with the vibe though and have that whole empowerment thing going on. After years of practice, I find some I use more than others and I am sure you will have your favorites as well.

If you are looking for items to complete your practice try my online store

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Moon Magick in 4 Easy Steps


The amazing, glorious moon. She is admired by many and makes a great photo op. Am I right? (Although she never looks as good on your cell phone as she does in real life.)

She possesses so much raw power that she can influence tides, people and yes, magick. It’s the last that gives us witches so much joy! It’s even getting more the more mainstream people involved. Where they are writing their intentions down in hopes of manifesting with the cycle of her greatness.

If you are just beginning a witchy practice or are more mainstream but want to better understand the cycles of the moon and how to use them for your benefit. I am breaking it down into 4 simple cycles-not by quarter moons, I feel that gets too complex starting out.

I start the cycle with the…


This occurs when there is little or no moon to be seen, usually the night of what is called The New Moon, but it can be the night before. The Dark Moon is a liminal phase where there is no actual illumination on the moon because it sits between the waxing and waning moons. So, many times the actual New Moon falls on the day after the date you find on your calendars (sign up to get your free PDF of Moon Cycles HERE ).


So that brings on a whole other energy. A time to do other magick than that of the New Moon. Banishing and shadow work are great for the Dark Moon. The goddess Hecate is deeply tied to the Dark Moon so any work that calls to her would be perfect, as well as any crossroads or Underworld deities. Spirit magick and ancestral work are great for the Dark Moon. You also might want to pull out your divination tools and consecrate or cleanse them or simply use them because the timing is optimal.

After the Dark Moon, we move immediately into the…


New moon energy is new, fresh and a time of great hope. The energy occurs up to 3 days after the moon is illuminated. New moon to full, people are getting into setting their intentions because it is the perfect time to plant the seeds you will grow through the moon cycle. This can be for anything positive-money, love, success, communication, healing or good health. Plant those seeds baby!

Reap what you sow. That leads us to the…


The full moon is a great time to celebrate. If your intentions were manifested in one moon cycle then bring out the wine because the full moon is about giving thanks for your bounty. It is a great time to gather your tribe (esbats anyone?) and doing ritual work. If your intentions have not been manifested you should recommit yourself to these intentions at this time. It is also a free for all-any kind of magick can be done during the full moon, like seriously, any. The power of the full moon lasts up to 3 days on either side. Tune into it and go with what you feel is right.

Coming into home stretch is…


From full to dark is the time to do spellwork for things you want to release. Buh-Bye. See you later. Adios. Like what you ask? Old habits. Old relationships. addictions. Whatever kind of magick for things you want to decrease-stop gossip, pesky co-workers from being in your business, stop a cheating boyfriend, etc. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Bad shit begone!

I personally, like to have ritual at the New Moon and Full Moon. It isn’t as thorough or extravagant as when I was in my past coven but it is something simple and sweet that speaks to me. Sometimes I miss the other and think I will write something “more” for myself but I always say that’s for another time. I’m thinking I might just be a bit lazy for that, lol.

I’d love to hear whether you do rituals for yourself, or if you are part of a coven or if you are just a light-your-candles-and-throw-your-crystals-on-a window-ledge kind of person (which is perfectly fine too).

Moon Magick

A Witch’s New Year


Some people may say you can make a new beginning whenever you want and while that is true, those who are close to nature, the stars or their own witchy selves know there is something special about cycles. They are to be honored and celebrated in some way-even if for only a moment.

Here on Earth everything revolves around cycles: the moon, planets. the year as we move around the sun, months, weeks, our lives as we are born and move through life until death. Just like ritual, it is our nature to find comfort in the natural cycle of things.

Every year I have a process of moving me from one year to the next. I think of it as a Changing of the Guards because I do make a bit of a production about it. I carve out time between Christmas and New Years to dive deep and get all introspective. I think it is important to really know where you’ve been so you can leave unnecessary baggage behind and start the next leg of your journey cleanly.

I do some journaling, planning (purging of my physical space), but its these three things that matter the most.

1) What are the most memorable/happiest moments of the past year? Take 5 minutes and write down as much as you can. Not a whole paragraph but sum it up in a few words. Do you see a pattern in what made you happy? Make note of that because it is very telling.

2) Where did you misstep (or make a mistake)? What lessons did you learn from these missteps. (If you aren’t aware of them right now take some time and work it out.

3) Can you, will you forgive yourself and others for the misstep so you can leave behind these instances so you can make room for more memorable events and less of the same missteps. If you don’t learn the lesson they WILL be back?

Next thing I do is take an 8.5 x 11 piece of printing paper and cut it lengthwise and then cut it again into strips. I then write, in a few words, my missteps on the slips of paper. These are for my New Year’s Eve burning bowl. If you live somewhere that isn’t safe to burn things or your mate just doesn’t like it you can take a marker and write them on squares of toilet paper and then flush them down. Magick is fluid, bending and adaptable. It is always there to work with you.

Now, after the burning bowl I suggest taking the ashes and mixing them with a wee bit of water. Then using a paint brush or your finger and the ash mixture paint a sigil for the New Year. Maybe a powerful statement to move you forward or even a single word to symbolize where you are headed.

That is how I say GOOD-BYE to the old year, so how do I welcome in the new?

Well I grew up eating cabbage for money and black-eyed peas for good luck, but that is a habit I have given up since no one in my house will eat it with me.

So instead, I take another sheet of paper and make more strips. I write down all the hopes and dreams I have for the new year. Everything I would like to see come to fruition and I fold them (three times of course) and put them in a jar on my desk. Any time I have a shit day, and it happens to the best of us, or I feel like I’m veering off track I pull one out to read to myself.

I also do a MAJOR house cleansing on New Years day. The kind with sage, beautiful resins, candles, petitions of protection and changing out my black tourmaline at the four corners of my property. I use my besom, mine is a working broom, and sweep the floors. Then I wash my floor with a bucket of water full of lemon and orange slices and essential oils in it.

It is then that I feel like I have laid the past to rest, while taking the knowledge with me and have started out on a brand new journey. Celebrating it all with a little magick.

Witch's New Year

Beyond Sage: 3 More Magickal Ways to Cleanse Spaces


Smudging is all the rage and all the cool kids are doing it. It DOES help, but what if there were something better?


In my Home Blessing Box the first step is smudging with a sage bundle to clear the air, but then my custom blends are there to call in the big guns. And that is what this article is about-the something better list.

Magickally, and even energetically speaking (because let’s face it magick is all about the energy, right?) flowers and leaves possess the least amount of energy of the plant. So when we burn it (think smudging bundles) that smaller amount of energy is what is being put out into the atmosphere and Universe.

So what’s stronger?

1) The next stronger aspect of the plant is the roots. SO much energy is stored in the roots. When a plant goes dormant or is cut back for the winter season all that energy stays alive and well in the roots.

There are many beneficial roots you can burn on self-igniting charcoal in your mini cauldrons. (Don’t you just love the mini cauldrons?!!) Ginger root, galangal (low John), licorice and my favorite, angelica. These are some wonderful selections to try.

What’s next?

2) The actual wood. This is the body of the plant and where all the important aspects pass through or are connected to it. In other words, it is a very important part of the plant because you need a body to support the limbs and the roots need something to give life to. It is the gateway to all you need.

The most well-known cleansing wood is Palo Santo, the Peruvian holy wood. This is now being harvested to a fault as so many popular wild-harvested plants are. So keep in mind that there is also Cedar. Pine even is a very cleansing wood and is fabulous for blessing your space. There are so many others to be found with a little research.

And drumroll please…

3) Resins. The blood and soul of the plant. The resins are so incredibly high-vibe. They come in pearls you can burn on you cauldrons or in a censer so that you can have it flow back and forth as you walk through your home or office like I prefer to do. If you don’t like that then go for the essential oils or Fred Soll’s makes THE BEST resin incense out there. I could bathe myself in it. I wish I was an affiliate for as much as I sing their praises.

Some of the popular resins are frankincense, copal, myrrh, and dragonsblood. But there are others such as mastic, guggul, opopanax, and bloodroot. Look for cultivated and properly sourced versions of these when buying as the numbers of healthy specimens in the wild are dwindling due to over-harvesting.

So now that you know about the more energetic/magickal options I encourage you to try the various methods and to do so with a variety of plants. Each one has their own special energy it brings to the table. See if you find a new favorite. Mine is my resin blend that accompanies my Mo’ Money Spell and Home Blessing Box, but I’m a bit partial.

I’d love you to check back in and let me know how it goes.

Beyond Sage

3 Reasons You Need Calendula


Calendula. I love it. It may be my favorite multi-purpose herb, by which I mean crossing the line from spellwork to medicinal purposes. Not only is it so bright and cheery to look at, but it really kicks ass, too!

Calendula Officinalis, what is also known as the marigold is part of the Asteraceae family which also includes some other greats such as echinacea, dandelion, and chamomile. While it is Native to South Central Europe and Northern Africa it now spans the world (ok, maybe not Antartica, but still…). Now I am giving you three reasons it needs to occupy space in your witchy home.

In the magickal world, it is ruled by Sun and the element of Fire, which makes perfect sense due to its beautiful bright yellow and orange coloring.

Also, in the magickal world, it is known for fighting negativity and filling that void with love instead. It is an old practice of making wreaths of marigolds and hanging them above your front door as protection, but also to draw the beneficial properties of love, warmth, and happiness. Calendula is also known for working magick where happiness and joy are needed. It also helps manifest success, yippee! It has also been used for some love spells and marigolds are known for the plucking of its petals to the tune of “he loves me, he loves me not”.

Now, in my herbal work, my jar always needs refilling, because I am constantly using calendula in a variety of ways. Like seriously, for everything.

Calendula is a vulnerary which means it heals wounds. It is also anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal which is why I use it (along with other herbs) in quite a few of my healing salves. According to FDA guidelines, I can’t tell you how great they are, use testimonials or use before and after pictures. This is unfortunate because they deserve to be shared, but you can find them HERE . Herbs really do have amazing healing properties.

Some of those same qualities are why I use it as an infused oil mixed with witch hazel as a facial toner for my teen daughter (see simple recipe below).

It is also an immune stimulant and a lymphatic which is why I use it in my Love Lymphatically tea (tastes great too!). So preparing an infusion, either a simple or blended with other herbs is beneficial for cleasning the lymphatic system. In today’s sedentary world, not enough people stimulate their lymphatic system so this is helpful.

Calendula is also a cholagogue, helping to release bile from the gallbladder (also helps act as a mild laxative). A diaphoretic which increases sweating-YUCK-but it is helpful in breaking a fever naturally. Antispasmodic which can be helpful for muscle cramps as well as stomach and intestinal cramping. And is an emmenagogue which brings on and increases menstrual blood flow.

In the spiritual realm marigolds are associated with the sacral chakra and can help get that oh-so-important chakra activated. Trying to be all things to all people, a common problem among women, (giving away your power) drains your sacral chakra so restoring balance is important. It can be found in my Sacral Chakra Bath Tea.

So really calendula is an herbal badass.

So the recipe for the wonderful Acne Facial Toner is below. It not only tames acne, but it does so without it drying your face. It actually leaves it nice and soft. Very pleasant and my kids love it.

Calendula is definitely a must-have for any witch or wise woman starting their apothecary.

Mountain Rose Herbs is a great source of organic herbs. I love their quality if you can’t or don’t grow your own. Living in the Las Vegas heat I tend to buy more than I grow, but I give each bag I receive a hug when it arrives. Be respectful and grateful no matter what your source is.



~Make a calendula oil infusion (see prior blog post on infusions).

~Use 2 TBS of oil per half cup of witch hazel

I buy a bottle of witch hazel and pour it into a mason jar. I measure out a half a cup at a time and pour it back into the witch hazel container along with the 2 TBS of oil. Doing it bit by bit assures I have enough space in the bottle. Save any excess witch hazel in a mason jar to use for later.

Before using toner shake well then apply to cotton ball or pad. Use pad to gently apply to face in a circular motion.

Before you know it you will be enjoying soft, clear skin.

3 reasons calendula

The Magickal and Practical Uses of Yarrow


Yarrow is definitely an herb you need to have in your apothecary. It has many positive magickal and practical purposes.

It is commonly found well, nearly everywhere except Antarctica. Many people know it as a common weed, but it is so much more than that. The flowers are made of many tiny white, a soft shade of pink or even yellow flowers. Yarrow, or Achillea millefolium, has been well known for its uses for millennia and it is said that Achilles used it in battle during the Trojan War, which is why he is the namesake for this plant. Some other common names are Staunchweed, Milfoil, Soldier’s Woundwort, Knight’s Milfoil, Thousand Weed, Nose Bleed and Carpenter’s Weed.

Yarrow is ruled by Venus and is associated with Aphrodite and Hermes, it’s magickal uses include being used for courage, divination, and love spells.

The flowers are commonly added to dream pillows to aid in prophetic dreams. Hanging a bouquet above the bed on your wedding night is said to bring 7 years of peace, love, and happiness (maybe this is why people have the 7-year itch because it wears off lol).

Yarrow tea is said to increase your psychic abilities and rubbing yarrow oil on your physical eyelids or your 3rd eye can help with divination as well.

For practical uses, I suppose I have 2 favorites. One, is by adding it to some of my healing salves to remove itching. It works so well when it comes to soothing itching skin, healing eczema and skin rashes. You can also make an infused oil and add some to store-bought lotion (or make your own body butter) for dry cracked skin during cold winter months.

My other favorite is making a powder of the leaves for a styptic powder. You can use the plain leaves, but I find the powder is easier to deal with. Living in the dry desert and suffering from nosebleeds regularly during the hot summers it really comes in handy. Placing the leaves directly on a cut and applying pressure will stop most mild bleeding. If you have severed a limb don’t expect much help though.

Other ways yarrow can help is by making a tea to drink for menstrual issues or making a strong tea and adding it to a lukewarm bath for your children to help bring down a fever. Poultices for the skin are also beneficial.

As you can see yarrow has so many beneficial properties. So go out and get yourself some yarrow and get to work.


If you are wild-crafting-
There are two types of leaves on the yarrow plant. The long fern like leaves that grow from the bottom and the shorter fern-like leaves that grow higher up the plant. You want to use the longer leaves. Never remove more than 1/3 of the leaves.

Hang the herbs to dry, upside down, in a dry but shady spot for approximately 4-7 days depending upon the amount of humidity where you live.

If you are buying your herbs from a reputable company like Mountain Rose herbs you can trust you are getting ethically farmed, organic herbs.

Once the herbs are dry and crumbly you can them to a hand grinder, coffee grinder you only use for grinding herbs, or a blender. Grind or blend until it turns to a fine powder.

You will store this in an airtight container, keeping away from moisture. Label and date it. It can keep up to 5 years if you keep it away from moisture.

Yarrow Pin

5 Herbs to Ground You

Let’s face it in this crazy AF world we live in these days we can become pretty scattered. Doesn’t matter if you are trying to balance college courses, job and dating or momdom and peace of mind or menopause and just maintaining your train of thought because hormones have sent your brain on what seems like a permanent vacation. Our minds are out in the world doing a bazillion different things instead of being clear, focused and grounded.

So what happens when we aren’t grounded?

Well our root chakra gets F’d up (that’s a technical term). Our root chakra becomes imbalanced and sometimes blocked, which can cause adrenal fatigue, urinary tract infections, lower back pain and did I mention adrenal fatigue??? All that running around like a chicken with its head cut off can be so exhausting!

So what helps?

Energy work, crystals, kundalini yoga and herbs. Particularly the Grounding Herb Pack (*choir of angels sing). This is a set of my Top 5 Grounding Herbs-to make simple teas, mojo bags, or candle spells from, or whatever else your brilliant mind can think of!

1) Cayenne
The bright red color of this herbs aligns with the root chakra and the energy definitely helps stimulate a slow chakra. Magickally, use it for protection and strength. It also acts as a booster for other herbs being used. A must have for your herb cabinet.

2) Dandelion
This “weed” is perfect for cleansing your kidneys and is found to be highly beneficial for properly working adrenals. It is a must have for getting you aligned and grounded. Making a simple tisane (herbal tea) is the best way to go. If you do you will want to steep your tea for at least 20 minutes while covered. Magickally, it is used for wishes, divination and calling upon spirits.

3) Nettle
This is another very healing and cleansing herb. Nettle is particularly grounding and healing for men and their prostate. Nettle tea is another wonderful way of grounding and centering yourself. Used magickally to remove curses and helps with exorcisms.

4) Rosemary
Ah rosemary. Just the smell alone can bring your focus inward and downward helping to center and ground you. Using Rosemary as an essential oil or as a mojo bag kept on hand for a whiff is the best way to utilize it for this purpose. Magickally, rosemary does it all-good health, love spells, nightmare prevention, purification, removing negativity and cleansing.

5) Sage
Good ole sage. When I say this I mean less of wild white sage and more of the garden variety. While burning sage varieties that are non-garden are beneficial for grounding, drinking or eating garden sage is also very beneficial and they have healing qualities as well. Prosperity, protection, healing and deeper wisdom are magickal traits of sage.

Are there more herbs you can use for grounding and/or healing your root chakra? Sure. These are just my top 5 because they can be easily consumed via teas or seasonings AND used in magic which is a win/win for me.

If you are interested in adding these herbs to your cabinet you can purchase the Grounding Herb Pack HERE

Comment below with your favorite.

5 to Ground (1)

The Art of Herbal Infusions

Photo Dec 30, 10 24 26 AM Lisa Sciscoe-Hobbs

I HAD to write this one up. I recently saw a post by someone explaining to others how to make an oil infusion…the wrong freaking way. And yes, there is a wrong way and a right way. I imagine she saw it on Pinterest. A post someone made who had dabbled, but that had not actually studied herbalism. And therein lies the danger.

I am not saying you have to go to school for herbalism like I have done/am doing-there are many amazing self-taught herbalist, my friend Valerie being one of them. I can’t pretend to know as much as she does. But the difference is they spend years learning the craft and honing their skills and aren’t dabblers. If you want to dabble just don’t spread misinformation, PUH-LEEZE.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a great dabbler. I dabble with the best of them. However, herbs are very powerful and shouldn’t be dabbled with. While they are natural they still pose a danger to some and can cause more harm if not handled correctly, WHICH brings me to this post.

The post I read that caused all this uproar? It said to take fresh flowers and herbs, cover with oil and leave it sitting in a sunny spot for 2-4 weeks (the timing may be off as I am doing this from memory).

While some expert herbalist can use fresh herbs and get away with it, it is STRONGLY suggested to ALWAYS used thoroughly dried herbs (herbs include flowers in this pretense). The reason being because of their water content. It can cause the oil to turn rancid and promote spoilage and molding of the herbs.

You also want to turn the herbs regularly. I do this every day. I just pick up the bottle and turn it upside down once or twice and then set it down and let it go about its business again. This action allows the oil to move through all of the herbs to better mix and pull out the constituents (the healing properties of the herbs-including essential oils) but also to move the herbs stuck at the top to the bottom so that they aren’t constantly just out of the oil which again promotes spoilage and molding. You can’t just let it sit and call it good.

You can infuse your oils in a sunny window (not in direct sunlight), but there are other quick fix ways to do it as well.

  • I start with 2 oz of herbs to 1 cup of oil (or simple way of 1/3 jar of herbs and fill the remainder with oil)-olive, apricot, almond, sesame, etc
  • Add a square of wax paper to the jar before closing (this keeps the lid from rusting and contaminating your oil)
  • From here you can choose to do the sitting method, oven or crockpot.


Set your jar of oils in a window that gets sun, but not direct sunlight. Turn daily while it sits 4-6 weeks. Finish as explained in the final description.


  • Place jar into a ceramic dish, add a small amount of water to cover the bottom and place into oven
  • Set oven temp between 110-140 degrees and leave door open
  • Heat 3-5 hours
  • Finish as you would in the final description



  • Place jar into crockpot
  • Add about 1 inch of water
  • Set temperature to lowest setting
  • Crack lid to allow moisture to escape
  • Heat 3-5 hours



  • Line a large mesh strainer with cheesecloth. I do 3 layers. Place strainer over large, clean bowl.
  • Pour warm herb/oil mixture into strainer and allow to sit and drain. (I cover VERY loosely with a paper towel to keep any dust particles out)
  • After sitting for a while, take a large, clean spoon or spatula and press any remaining oil out of the mixture and finish by twisting the oil out of the cheesecloth and into the bowl.
  • If it is your way, thank the herbs for their blessings and add the remains to the compost bin.

Now you have a properly infused oil.

You can use oils for different things. Some examples of oils I’ve made and use are: oils for salves, ear oil, oil for face wash, to mix with witch hazel for facial toner and bath oil. Most of my oils are made for salves, as that is what I sell in my store and use in my home first aid kit. I am sure there are other oils to be made, I know simple cooking oils would be, but I try to avoid cooking at all costs, lol.


So, infuse away. I’ll post about making a simple salve coming up, but maybe get started with Calendula. Always buy organic, food grade herbs. You want the purest, most natural herbs you can get, the closest to what Mother Nature intended-not a hot mess of pesticides and GMO shit. Herbal rant over.


Photo by Lisa Sciscoe-Hobbs

5 Herbs for Prosperity Spells


Errrybody wants prosperity spells. I never use the word abundance because you can have an abundance of cowshit and unless you’re a farmer that’s not a good thing. A lot of not so great things can come in an abundance that I don’t want-fleas, bird poop on my newly washed car because I parked under the tree to get some shade, pimples, and gas because I faltered and ate some dairy…you get the point. So always go with prosperity instead.

My Mo’ Money Spell with Better Business Booster is my hottest item out there and I should honestly hope so. I worked it HARD to bring in the $250,000 I’ve been asking for my husband’s new business. The first lady I created it for brought in $100,000, but those are not typical results. Others have been $9-10K months, $1500, etc. Anyway, the point is people want to know where the money is.

So here are MY top 5 herbs I use for spell casting. Other people may have others they prefer, but this is my list. These are in no particular order.

1) Cinnamon

Cinnamon smells delicious and it also kicks ass in the magickal world. It is great for success and money drawing, but also power. Because of its spiciness, it does act as a booster to any spell it is added to just like cayenne or black pepper. That is why I like this one, it is multi-functional, bringing in that boost as well as, the initial properties.

2) Cinquefoil

Cinquefoil has 5 main qualities about it, one for each “finger” of the leaf, but money seems to be the star of the show as far as I am concerned. It even looks like shredded money to me. I take it as a staple to my New Moon Rituals when I have them make mojo bags and it always seems to do a fabulous job. People just rave about the good it does.

3) High John

High John the Conqueror is da man! Being in Las Vegas this is the perfect root. It’s amazing for gambling and luck, as well as, attracting money. It’s an especially good herb for men in general. It fit easily into a pocket as a charged charm or slides nicely into a mojo bag with other lucky items.

4) Honeysuckle

So sweet that bees, children, and money can’t keep themselves away. This herb is for FAST money and success. No time like the present, right? Add a little bit to your mojo bag or dress a candle with Fast Luck Oil and roll it around in some honeysuckle for a quick candle spell.

5) Job’s Tears

I add this one because it’s not only good for good luck, attracting money, but also for finding a job. Sometimes the reason we need more money is that our job, well, it sucks. So take one of these adorable little seeds and sow a spell that will surely grow to fruition.

So there’s my top five, maybe we have some in common and maybe not. Drop me a line and tell me your favorite money herb and why. I’d love to hear.

I, Witch



I came into this world knowing things. Knowing secrets I shouldn’t have, the truth when lies were told, ways to heal minor injuries when I shouldn’t have any knowledge, and things about those who had crossed over.

And while my mom had a knowingness of her own, she had a knack for always knowing where a lost item could be found, she didn’t know what to do with this different way about me.

In 3rd grade I received my city library card and a whole new world was opened to me. I was an avid reader and was far beyond the children’s section. I happened upon a book about the witch trials and I was hooked. I soon had read every book the library had on witches. I was convinced I was one, or at least had been one. Past life work had shown that at least twice I was a witch, both times dying because of my practice. The second time was the confirmed life of Mima Renaud.

I was told to set that aside, and I did for a while, but it didn’t stop the knowingness. Knowing how to naturally treat bee stings was just something I knew and acted upon even though I had never seen anyone do it before. In my teens, my friend and I would dress up in cloaks under the full moon, set things on fire (NOT the proper way of doing things) and dance under the moonlight. It just felt like the right thing to do and we were both in theatre so there was the whole performance aspect, too.

In my 20s I found Silver Ravenwolf and thought yes! Someone to teach me the things I don’t know. I know she was a bit fluffy in comparison to the straight-line Gardenarians, but she was a great start and well, I am like freaking Glenda ok except glitter is bad for the environment so I stay away from that mess.

In my 30s I joined a coven and that was fun and I learned a lot I wouldn’t have learned on my own, well because I am a bit lazy and ritual isn’t really my thing (despite the whole teen-cloak-moon thing). Then the being told who to worship and the drama just turned me off. It was like high school but worse because we were supposed to be grown-ass women, but the Priestess loved drama (as much as she swore she didn’t). It just wasn’t for me. I am an introverted Solitary for a reason I suppose. No drama for this mama.

So I kept to myself, my practice in the closet under the staircase. Yes, I was literally in the closet until we moved back to Las Vegas. I was in the laundry room back then (now I have my own office), but still wasn’t really out in the open until 2015. That is when it hit me like a brick upside the head-you don’t owe these people your life. Their opinions and judgment shouldn’t dictate how I live my life and that I should be doing what the hell I wanted to do and it harm none.

2015 became the year of “I no longer give a shit about what others think of me.”

It was that year I decided to no longer dye my hair and grow my gray out. You wouldn’t believe the compliments I got. A big burly guy even followed me out to my car at the grocery store to tell me how beautiful it was and he was so impressed I was doing it. It was the year I decided I wasn’t going to do traditional work for my business and my witchy stuff hush-hush on the side, but that I was going to make the witchy stuff my business.

I lost some clients over it, others still open my newsletters although they haven’t booked or bought anything-I like to think they are slowly warming up to the idea. But I have gained others in the place of those I’ve lost. I even went as far to recently change my business name and am in the process of getting that taken care of and it feels good. It’s like taking off a pair of Spanx and being able to really breathe, stretch out and just be yourself again. Don’t you just love that feeling? Truth be told I wore Spanx once and I thought I was going to die so kudos to the women who brave them on a regular basis.

So here I am now, at 47, soon to be 48, to share what knowledge I’ve gathered over all these years. The things no one was there to teach me and I had to wing it which isn’t a bad thing actually because it strengthens your intuition.

I’m an herbalist so Hedgewitchery is my thang and I will write a lot about that. If you are interested in herbs you will want to check back. The rest will be about basic stuff with spiritual musings mixed in. I’m finding many of today’s witches are spiritually based and of course, I love that they are finding their own way instead of trying to fit inside of someone else’s box. I know I ran into a lot of judgment early on from other witches because I wasn’t traditional but I say it really doesn’t matter. You have to do what feels right to you and do what makes you happy. That is what matters. Honestly. Screw the rest.