5 Herbs for Prosperity Spells


Errrybody wants prosperity spells. I never use the word abundance because you can have an abundance of cowshit and unless you’re a farmer that’s not a good thing. A lot of not so great things can come in an abundance that I don’t want-fleas, bird poop on my newly washed car because I parked under the tree to get some shade, pimples, and gas because I faltered and ate some dairy…you get the point. So always go with prosperity instead.

My Mo’ Money Spell with Better Business Booster is my hottest item out there and I should honestly hope so. I worked it HARD to bring in the $250,000 I’ve been asking for my husband’s new business. The first lady I created it for brought in $100,000, but those are not typical results. Others have been $9-10K months, $1500, etc. Anyway, the point is people want to know where the money is.

So here are MY top 5 herbs I use for spell casting. Other people may have others they prefer, but this is my list. These are in no particular order.

1) Cinnamon

Cinnamon smells delicious and it also kicks ass in the magickal world. It is great for success and money drawing, but also power. Because of its spiciness, it does act as a booster to any spell it is added to just like cayenne or black pepper. That is why I like this one, it is multi-functional, bringing in that boost as well as, the initial properties.

2) Cinquefoil

Cinquefoil has 5 main qualities about it, one for each “finger” of the leaf, but money seems to be the star of the show as far as I am concerned. It even looks like shredded money to me. I take it as a staple to my New Moon Rituals when I have them make mojo bags and it always seems to do a fabulous job. People just rave about the good it does.

3) High John

High John the Conqueror is da man! Being in Las Vegas this is the perfect root. It’s amazing for gambling and luck, as well as, attracting money. It’s an especially good herb for men in general. It fit easily into a pocket as a charged charm or slides nicely into a mojo bag with other lucky items.

4) Honeysuckle

So sweet that bees, children, and money can’t keep themselves away. This herb is for FAST money and success. No time like the present, right? Add a little bit to your mojo bag or dress a candle with Fast Luck Oil and roll it around in some honeysuckle for a quick candle spell.

5) Job’s Tears

I add this one because it’s not only good for good luck, attracting money, but also for finding a job. Sometimes the reason we need more money is that our job, well, it sucks. So take one of these adorable little seeds and sow a spell that will surely grow to fruition.

So there’s my top five, maybe we have some in common and maybe not. Drop me a line and tell me your favorite money herb and why. I’d love to hear.

I, Witch



I came into this world knowing things. Knowing secrets I shouldn’t have, the truth when lies were told, ways to heal minor injuries when I shouldn’t have any knowledge, and things about those who had crossed over.

And while my mom had a knowingness of her own, she had a knack for always knowing where a lost item could be found, she didn’t know what to do with this different way about me.

In 3rd grade I received my city library card and a whole new world was opened to me. I was an avid reader and was far beyond the children’s section. I happened upon a book about the witch trials and I was hooked. I soon had read every book the library had on witches. I was convinced I was one, or at least had been one. Past life work had shown that at least twice I was a witch, both times dying because of my practice. The second time was the confirmed life of Mima Renaud.

I was told to set that aside, and I did for a while, but it didn’t stop the knowingness. Knowing how to naturally treat bee stings was just something I knew and acted upon even though I had never seen anyone do it before. In my teens, my friend and I would dress up in cloaks under the full moon, set things on fire (NOT the proper way of doing things) and dance under the moonlight. It just felt like the right thing to do and we were both in theatre so there was the whole performance aspect, too.

In my 20s I found Silver Ravenwolf and thought yes! Someone to teach me the things I don’t know. I know she was a bit fluffy in comparison to the straight-line Gardenarians, but she was a great start and well, I am like freaking Glenda ok except glitter is bad for the environment so I stay away from that mess.

In my 30s I joined a coven and that was fun and I learned a lot I wouldn’t have learned on my own, well because I am a bit lazy and ritual isn’t really my thing (despite the whole teen-cloak-moon thing). Then the being told who to worship and the drama just turned me off. It was like high school but worse because we were supposed to be grown-ass women, but the Priestess loved drama (as much as she swore she didn’t). It just wasn’t for me. I am an introverted Solitary for a reason I suppose. No drama for this mama.

So I kept to myself, my practice in the closet under the staircase. Yes, I was literally in the closet until we moved back to Las Vegas. I was in the laundry room back then (now I have my own office), but still wasn’t really out in the open until 2015. That is when it hit me like a brick upside the head-you don’t owe these people your life. Their opinions and judgment shouldn’t dictate how I live my life and that I should be doing what the hell I wanted to do and it harm none.

2015 became the year of “I no longer give a shit about what others think of me.”

It was that year I decided to no longer dye my hair and grow my gray out. You wouldn’t believe the compliments I got. A big burly guy even followed me out to my car at the grocery store to tell me how beautiful it was and he was so impressed I was doing it. It was the year I decided I wasn’t going to do traditional work for my business and my witchy stuff hush-hush on the side, but that I was going to make the witchy stuff my business.

I lost some clients over it, others still open my newsletters although they haven’t booked or bought anything-I like to think they are slowly warming up to the idea. But I have gained others in the place of those I’ve lost. I even went as far to recently change my business name and am in the process of getting that taken care of and it feels good. It’s like taking off a pair of Spanx and being able to really breathe, stretch out and just be yourself again. Don’t you just love that feeling? Truth be told I wore Spanx once and I thought I was going to die so kudos to the women who brave them on a regular basis.

So here I am now, at 47, soon to be 48, to share what knowledge I’ve gathered over all these years. The things no one was there to teach me and I had to wing it which isn’t a bad thing actually because it strengthens your intuition.

I’m an herbalist so Hedgewitchery is my thang and I will write a lot about that. If you are interested in herbs you will want to check back. The rest will be about basic stuff with spiritual musings mixed in. I’m finding many of today’s witches are spiritually based and of course, I love that they are finding their own way instead of trying to fit inside of someone else’s box. I know I ran into a lot of judgment early on from other witches because I wasn’t traditional but I say it really doesn’t matter. You have to do what feels right to you and do what makes you happy. That is what matters. Honestly. Screw the rest.