We are all searching for something. Maybe it’s answers or perhaps a deeper connection. Below are a few of the ways I offer help and provide solutions to some of life’s problems. If they speak to you, I’d love for you to reach out.


Looking for easy insight to a specific area of your life or have a specific question? This easy intuitive tarot reading is for 1 Question or one very specific area of life and is delivered to your inbox within 36 hours. Includes a PDF with pictures of your cards and a detailed description of your reading.


Akashic Record Readings

I most commonly use this for insight into past life issues. What in your past is causing blocks in this life time. Which lifetime is most affecting your RIGHT NOW. Going back there with a set of questions and looking for answers and coming back here with answers and a way to heal can be so beneficial. This is done while I am in meditation and a recording is emailed to you.


Distance Energy Healing

Using a combination of Reiki and Prana Mudra I connect soul to soul and send you energetic healing from Life Source. We’re all connected and it’s just a matter of dialing in and directing the energy. I work on keeping myself a clear channel for Divine Energy to work through.


Many blessings.